Why Barack Obama Chose To Betray Christians By Supporting Gay Marriage

There are always going to be people who are willing to callously put children and families at risk for the sake of radical fads like gay marriage and they’re going to use every argument in the book to justify it. Fortunately for people who care about the country, Christianity is absolutely incompatible with gay marriage and time and time again, when the people have been given an opportunity to vote, Americans who take their Christian faith seriously have voted it down. Some people think that won’t be the case forever. They think that Christians will turn out to be on the wrong side of history on this issue. Maybe so. But, the sort of people who support gay marriage have been saying that Christianity is on its way out and on the wrong side of history for 2000 years now and Christianity is still standing, while most of them are dead and gone.

That brings us to Barack Obama, who has moved on from persecuting the Catholic Church to opposing Christians on gay marriage.

What’s his thinking on finally admitting his true position on gay marriage?

Well, there are probably a number of factors that play into it.

#1) Poll numbers for gay marriage have been slowly, but steadily improving over the years and Gallup shows that adults oppose gay marriage by only 50-48. That was probably the biggest factor in moving Obama’s switch, but keep in mind that you’re talking adults, not likely voters, who tend to skew 6-7 points more towards the right. In other words, in the voting booth, the numbers would probably look more like 57-41, than 50-48.

#2) Getting beyond that, you have to look at Obama’s strategy for 2012. This is a “turn out the base” election for him. He needs liberals, young voters, and black Americans to show up big for him in November. Gay marriage is popular with liberals and young voters who’ve been duped by propaganda they’ve been fed about the issue in the public schools. Black voters tend to be much more split on gay marriage and it’s not a small issue to them either, but Obama is taking them for granted and assuming they’re going to vote for him no matter what because he’s black. He’s probably right about that.

#3) Which voter block is going to be most turned off by this decision? White Christian voters who are already leaning heavily against Obama anyway. This is sort of an acknowledgment that those people aren’t voting for Obama anyway, so screw them.

#4) Obama’s fund raising has been lagging a bit and this will undoubtedly put more money in his pocket. In fact, according to Buzzfeed, gay liberals are a surprisingly important part of Obama’s fundraising machine,

Already, gay donors, mostly men, reportedly constitute 1 in 6 of Obama’s top fundraisers known as bundlers. And in the first 90 minutes after the news broke Wednesday, the campaign received $1 million in spontaneous contributions, a Democrat told BuzzFeed.

“This is beyond unifying – it’s electrifying,” said Eugene Sepulveda, a former top bundler who withdrew to take a non-political job early this year. “This man stands for right, despite the political consequences.”

And for a class of disillusioned progressive mega-donors, many of them gay, the completion of Obama’s “evolution” is an invitation reason to return.

“I think the people who were disappointed by the president’s failure to support marriage quality will now have that barrier removed for them,” said Jeff Soref, a longtime Democratic activist in the gay community.

#5) Last but not least, Mitt Romney is no Rick Santorum. Obama may believe that Mitt will be unable to effectively use this issue to convince conservative Christians to show up and vote for him in November. Actually, however, this presents Romney with an outstanding opportunity to use this as a wedge issue that will help him in key states, bring evangelical Christians to his banner, and lift his numbers in Southern states like Virginia and North Carolina.

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