WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY!? Whoopi Goldberg SLAMS Ben Carson Publicly On “The View” [VIDEO]

by Sierra Marlee | May 4, 2017 6:21 pm

Can she just not shut her mouth? No seriously, what is her need to bash Ben Carson? Is it because he refuses to think like you and that makes you think it’s okay to treat him like garbage?

He’s trying to do what he can to help poor communities get on their feet and level out the playing field. What is your beef with that?


While on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg accused HUD Secretary Ben Carson of “blaming poor people for being poor” when he absolutely did nothing of the sort. What he DID say was that people who live in government-subsidized housing shouldn’t be too “comfortable,” which is absolutely correct. When you’re comfortable in a situation, 99% of people won’t do anything to change it, whether that situation is good, bad, or otherwise.

But apparently Whoopi took offense to this and just had to have her say.

“It just feels, Ben, like you’re kinda blaming poor people for being poor. You think poor people wanna stay in the housing, because I gotta tell you, all I could think of was how to get the hell out of there.”

And of course, the crotchety Joy Behar had to jump in, invoking Trump.

“It’s like what they’re saying is, ‘If you help poor people, they’ll develop dependency. But it does not ever apply to rich people, such as Donald Trump, who I believe got $14 million dollars from his father.”

Watch the clip below:

Is there anything these old harpies won’t complain about? And does anyone actually watch The View for their political commentary? Can we admit that just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s well-informed?

Just go back to interviewing celebrities and talking about menstrual cycles and leave the hard thinking to people who are better equipped to do so.

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