Bernie Resurfaces – and What He Has Planned Is JAW DROPPING [VIDEO]

Bernie Resurfaces – and What He Has Planned Is JAW DROPPING [VIDEO]

The only good thing you can say about Senator Bernie Sanders is that he is consistently honest and upfront about his communistic leanings. That especially applies to single payer healthcare, which he is all in for. He claims that the US is the only major country on the planet that doesn’t guarantee healthcare to its citizens as a major right. Well, maybe that’s because we are a free society, Bernie. He says that there should be a Medicare-for-all single payer program. Bolshevik Bernie wants Marxist healthcare implemented. I’m not surprised.

This is a guy who didn’t strike out on his own until his 40s. He only held one job and got fired for being lazy and then he went into politics, where Marxism flourishes. Now, the FBI is investigating Sanders and his wife for fraud. But that doesn’t dampen his communist spirit in the least… and you know what? The Republicans are now pushing healthcare towards a single payer system as well. Shouldn’t we be on the free side of economics here and not siding with progressive Marxists?

From Allen West:

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You know, Vermont’s democratic socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, reminds me of Christopher Lloyd’s character in the “Back to the Future” movie series. Y’all remember the mad professor who was over-the-top emphatic? Yeah, that guy. Let’s be very honest, we all have a kinda nutty Uncle Bernie or Aunt Bernice in our families, but who would ever think they would be a U.S. Senator and heck, even run for president? Here’s a fella who actually didn’t have his first paying job until way late in life. Some would call that “failure to launch,” but Senator Sanders did find a way to make money and survive: he entered into politics. And all of a sudden, this unaccomplished back- bencher with no real legislative accomplishments in, well, how long in the U.S. Senate came darn close to being a presidential nominee, and is now a “leading” voice for the progressive socialist left in America.

You want to see something scary? Watch this.

This is collectivism… it is not individual freedom as our Founding Fathers envisioned. Not even close. Sanders wants free healthcare, free tuition, mandatory monstrous taxation, open borders, a mandated minimum wage and in fact, guaranteed employment. That sounds exactly like Russia, where he honeymooned. What he’s asking for looks like freebies for everyone… what it really entails is misery and poverty for everyone but a select ruling class elite. Of which, of course, Sanders would be part of.

Allen West pointed out that Sir Winston Churchill said this: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Ladies and gentleman… I give you Bolshevik Bernie and the left.

The other day, Sanders tweeted that the GOP healthcare plan would kill thousands of people. He then deleted the tweet. But he meant that. It’s a lie, but he doesn’t care. He considers it for the greater good. I don’t know why he bothers. What the Republicans are doing right now, will end exactly the same way as what the Democrats are doing with healthcare. It just might take longer. If Bernie had his way, our healthcare system would become the horror that the VA health system has become.

The left is now indistinguishable from the Communist Party USA or Democratic Socialists of America. They want a level and equal playing field where everyone suffers… except for a select few, like Bernie Sanders. That’s how communism and dictatorships ALWAYS work. Lots of useful idiots and subjects… and a few to rule them all.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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