HAH! Rand Paul rips up “GOOD SOCIALIST” Bernie Sanders [VIDEO]

HAH! Rand Paul rips up “GOOD SOCIALIST” Bernie Sanders [VIDEO]

Who knew that Rand Paul believed in paying your ‘fair share’? Heh. He openly challenged Bernie Sanders to send in a couple of hundred thousand buckaroos to the IRS to show that he was paying his ‘fair share’ in comparison to what Donald Trump has paid on his taxes. The nothingburger that Rachel Maddow exposed when she aired the two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax return backfired big time. It showed that Donald Trump paid 25% in taxes in 2005. Bernie Sanders paid 13.5%. For shame… he’s not a very good socialist, now is he?

I’m still amazed that a copy of Trump’s taxes from twelve years ago wound up in the mailbox of a no-name journalist who has stalked Trump for 25 years. Whoever did that should have to answer legally for it. Then we come back to Bernie Sanders who owns not one home, but three. The last one cost $600,000. See, he wants socialism for everyone else, just not himself. That’s how this works.

Rand Paul

From Eagle Rising:

On the heels of MSNBC liberal Rachel Maddow’s “nothingburger” of an announcement, revealing that President Donald Trump is a taxpaying citizen, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Fox News to point out a couple of important facts.

First, whoever stole/acquired Donald Trump’s tax return likely did so illegally and should therefore face a stiff punishment.

Secondly, how big of a hypocrite is Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)? Pretty stinking HUGE. Sanders is constantly talking about redistributing wealth to the less fortunate but when push comes to shove the man pays a fairly low tax rate for someone who owns 3 houses.

OUCH! Got ’em! But seriously, Senator Paul isn’t wrong here. For all of their talk about ‘fair share’ and ‘spreading the wealth,’ liberals seem to be more of a “do as I say not as I do” crowd. If Sanders and other socialists truly believe that the tax rate should be much higher and that the wealthy should be paying more into the government… why do they need to wait for the government to force them to do it? If they truly believe what they say they believe, shouldn’t they be sending more of their own money into the government voluntarily?

Paul has a point here. If all these Marxists are truly serious about taxation and wealth redistribution, they should prove it. They should be the first to pony up. But that will never happen, because it isn’t about that. It’s about power and control. Sanders is a greedy communist, who sees himself above everyone else. He’s only ever had one real job outside of the government in his whole life and he was fired from it for being lazy. That tells you all you need to know about his character right there.

The moronic thing here is that I have liberals tweeting me who are Bernie Sanders supporters who claim he DESERVES those houses. He also drives very expensive cars and takes family trips on our dime to foreign countries. This is the same kind of crap Obama did. Democrats always do this because they see themselves as the ruling class. Communism is a tool to rule the masses. They are all hypocrites and Sanders is just the latest who is exposed as such… “socialism is not for the socialists.”

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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