Look Who Might Run Third Party

by Dave Blount | August 31, 2015 3:41 pm

Would it be so awful if a renegade runs third party, splitting the vote and allowing the opposition to win in a landslide? Actually, it could be wonderful:

Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders will be breaking from the Democratic Party and running for president as a third party, a move that “would all but guarantee a catastrophic split in the Democratic vote and ensure a Republican victory,” Ed Klein confidential reports, citing sources inside Sanders’ campaign.

“Sources say Sanders believes that despite his ever-growing crowds of fired-up supporters, he’ll never overcome Hillary’s — or, for that matter, (Vice President Joe) Biden’s — advantage in money, organization and endorsements,” Klein writes. …

“The decision hasn’t been made when to make the announcement to go independent,” according to the source…

“Right now, things are going great and he very well may upset Hillary in the New Hampshire primary.”

Hang on Shrillary, don’t let Bernie Panders get the nomination; that would spoil the fun. Maybe Rush Limbaugh should get Operation Chaos going again.

In late July, The Hill reported that during a speech at the Newseum in Washington, Sanders explicitly vowed not to seek the White House as an independent if he fails to capture the Democratic nomination.

But we have learned from Barack “If You Like Your Plan” Obama how seriously to take the word of far left politicians.

Pass the popcorn; they might kill each other off.

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