America Now Has ‘Black Lives Matter Activist Camp’ For 10 To 18 Year-Olds

America Now Has ‘Black Lives Matter Activist Camp’ For 10 To 18 Year-Olds

Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles is going all out to train the next generation of racist radicals. They will be holding a week-long “Youth Activist Camp” this summer. I’m sure you have to be black to attend and it caters to the 10 to 18 year-old demographic. It’s put on by a pan-African studies professor who has been given tax-payer funding through California State University-Los Angeles. It’s free for the students and they will provide food etc. for the kids. All they have to do is bring their hatred.

A Black Panther Huey Newton quote proclaims that “The Youth Always Inherit The Revolution” and registration is already closed to the event. They are full up. They will specialize in social justice campaign organization. Wonder if they will teach the kids how to set cars on fire, beat up reporters and loot? Murder 101 anyone? A $10,000 fundraising appeal to bankroll the Black Lives Matter summer camp is not going well evidently. The YouCaring fundraiser has raised just $764. Just shocking.

From The Daily Caller:

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The Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter has scheduled a weeklong “Youth Activist Camp” for this summer.

A taxpayer-funded professor of pan-African studies at California State University-Los Angeles is organizing the Black Lives Matter summer camp. It’s “free for all Black youth, ages 10-18.”

Anthony J. Ratcliff is the professor behind the Black Lives Matter summer camp, reports Campus Reform.

The “Youth Activist Camp and Resistance Space 2017” will run from June 12 to June 16 (from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day), according to a Facebook announcement.

“In addition to learning strategies for organizing social justice campaigns and direct action tactics, the camp will focus on community building, skill-sharing, critical literacy, public speaking,” the Facebook notice says.

The Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles youth vanguard is helping to coordinate the summer camp. “Prior to the start of the camp, we will invite all interested youth participants to a ‘community assembly’ to decide upon curriculum and activities for the week,” the Facebook message explains.

“All youth attendees will be served a breakfast snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.”

The Facebook announcement invites interested youngsters to fill out an online form. The webpage for the form indicates that “BLMLA Youth Activist Camp 2017 Registration is no longer accepting responses.”

The finals words at the end of the Facebook announcement are “EDUCATE * AGITATE * ORGANIZE!!!”

On his Cal State Los Angeles webpage, Ratcliff describes himself as “a critical educator and radical historian” who specializes in “Black feminist theory” and “the impact of colonialism, mass incarceration, and deportation on Hip Hop cultural production.” In other words, he’s a radical racist, who hates whites and loves getting his violence on.

“When not in the classroom or mentoring students, Dr. Ratcliff is an organizer with Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, the People’s Education Movement and the California Faculty Association.” This guy’s a peach. Ratcliff’s Facebook likes include, Anarchist People of Color, The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution, Michael Moore and Krazy for the Kardashians. Gee, a revolutionary with extremely bad taste. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the stomping grounds of disgraced Melissa Click, the former University of Missouri professor who threatened a student cameraman with mob violence when he tried to cover student protests. I detect a trend.

Parents… it’s never too early to get your kiddies involved in a race war. Let the sympathetic radicals in California help you with that. Not.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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