‘Black Lives Matter’ Issues INSANE Response to Castro’s Death

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 28, 2016 3:26 pm

I’m so not surprised by this.[1] Black Lives Matter just penned an article entitled, “Lessons from Fidel: Black Lives Matter and the Transition of El Comandante.” They write about freedom and Castro in the same breath. These guys are delusional. But evil hearts evil, so of course they would write a love letter to Castro. They are just another radical group mourning the loss of one of their own. The Left is despondent over his death. Normal humans are still celebrating.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about Cuban lives… the tens of thousands who died at the hands of this murderous tyrant. No, they love him because he protected terrorists and forcibly instilled communism. That’s why they love the guy. He did what they can only dream of.


From The Daily Caller[3]:

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s legacy provides many lessons to learn from, according to Black Lives Matter.

After Castro’s death Friday, Black Lives Matter released an article[4] titled, “Lessons from Fidel: Black Lives Matter and the Transition of El Comandante.”

“And there are lessons that we must revisit and heed as we pick up the mantle in changing our world, as we aspire to build a world rooted in a vision of freedom and the peace that only comes with justice. It is the lessons that we take from Fidel,” the group claims[5].

Reports of Castro’s death came in Friday evening. Castro ruthlessly suppressed those who disagreed with him politically in his 47-year reign.

Thousands of Cubans fled to the U.S. from Castro’s repressive dictatorship and settled in Miami’s “Little Havana.” The Cuba Archive Project estimated the Castro regime killed over 9,200 people.

Black Lives Matter espouses a whole spectrum of feelings over the death of Castro… such as fear, loss and anxiety. No word on safe spaces, but I’m sure they have them. It is crucial, the article maintains, to defend Castro, despite his “flaws,” against “the rhetoric of the right.” Because evil is good and good is evil, right? The group maintains that Castro’s life teaches that revolution can start with a single idea within a small group of people. See Hitler.

“From Fidel, we know that revolution is sparked by an idea, by radical imaginings, which sometimes take root first among just a few dozen people coming together in the mountains. It can be a tattered group of meager resources, like in Sierra Maestro in 1956 or St. Elmo Village in 2013,” the article goes on to say. Castro’s death to these lamebrains also demonstrates that when people are united in a collective vision, they can achieve anything. You mean like a bloody revolution that slaughters thousands? Or torture and concentration camps? Those are lofty goals you got there guys. “As Fidel ascends to the realm of the ancestors, we summon his guidance, strength, and power as we recommit ourselves to the struggle for universal freedom. Fidel Vive!” the article finished. Uh, those aren’t ancestors… they are demons straight out of Hell. Black Lives Matter is even more twisted and demented than I thought.


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