‘Black Lives Matter’ Thugs Who Blocked Highway to Protest Just Got Bad News! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 14, 2016 9:19 am

Black Lives Matter[1] is about to find themselves in an uber hostile environment under President-elect Donald Trump and I consider that a good thing. They have rioted, committed crimes and assassinated police officers. They are a radical racist domestic terrorist group. They don’t care who they hurt. They protest on highways and bridges, blocking traffic… and as a result, more than one person has died that was in an ambulance trying to get to a hospital. Whenever that happens, they should be charged as accessories to murder, because that is what that is. They aren’t fighting for ‘social justice’… they are fighting for racial dominance. Let’s just be honest about that.

For too long now, police have feared coming back alive just for doing their jobs. With the election of Donald Trump, the police will be strengthened and this violent lawlessness will no longer be tolerated. I would say that Black Lives Matter has now been put on notice. What they do is not only dangerous to police and Americans, it is dangerous to themselves. A number of them have been run over or shot for their actions. And although my sympathy for them is on short supply, I don’t want to see anyone die. Just answer for their actions and crimes.


From Conservative 101:

The notorious terrorist group Black Lives Matter claims to be fighting for “social justice”, but they have clearly caused far more harm than any progress. Beyond the fact that they have pitted our country against itself on racial lines, their violent protests have caused untold property damage and significant injury and even loss of life.

One example of this was a Black Lives Matter protest in Massachusetts, where Black Lives Matter protesters blocked a highway because they were upset about a police shooting. In the process, an ambulance that was rushing to the hospital with an 82 year old man was not able to get through.

Unfortunately, since that tragedy happened in left wing haven Massachusetts, the protesters there got off with their crimes without any jail time. Fortunately, Black Lives Matter thugs who blocked a highway in Richmond, Virginia got a different fate.

These protesters stood in a line on busy Interstate 95 and chanted “Black Lives Matter!” as well as “No justice, no peace, no racist police!” during rush hour. Fortunately, police were able to subdue and arrest them and get traffic flowing again in less than an hour.

The conservative judge in Richmond refused to let these protesters go without a punishment. They were all arrested, and all ended up pleading guilty, and will now be sentenced.

During many of these altercations, the members of Black Lives Matter were not held accountable. They weren’t even arrested for destroying property, looting and beating journalists and white people. Virginia actually sentenced thirteen Black Lives Matter protesters and you will see that happening more and more as the rule of law is once again upheld. They only got five days in the pokie[3], but those sentences will grow if they keep it up. They all pleaded guilty because they were caught dead to rights breaking the law.

“It was rush hour. They put themselves in danger, and they put other people potentially in danger, so we thought that five days in jail was an appropriate punishment,” said Richmond Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Davis Powell, the prosecutor in the cases. After activists started a demonstration shortly before 6 pm on July 18, about 30 protesters made their way to the southbound lanes of I-95 near the Belvidere Street exit. Protesters held signs and chanted “Black Lives Matter!” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police!” Nearby, a banner hung from an overpass stating that “Black Lives Matter,” along with a message of support for “queer,” “undocumented” and other people. Some protesters stood side by side in the roadway and blocked vehicles from passing, causing a major backup on the interstate during rush hour.

One by one, the 13 defendants went before Judge Jacqueline S. McClenney and pleaded guilty to obstructing free passage of others. The plea agreement, accepted by all of the defendants, stipulated that each of them would be sentenced to five days in jail and that the count of being pedestrians on a highway would be nolle prossed, or not pursued. “We were ready to prosecute them to the fullest extent had they not accepted the (plea) offer, and it was a Class 1 misdemeanor they were charged with,” said Powell, noting that he thought five days in jail was a fair resolution, considering that the defendants generally had few prior run-ins with the law.

Most of these people are angry that Trump was elected. Look for a lot more jail time under Trump if you are with Black Lives Matter.

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