Black Man Confronts BLM With Harsh Reality And America Needs To See It [VIDEO]

Black Man Confronts BLM With Harsh Reality And America Needs To See It [VIDEO]

No wonder this video went viral. Jiggy Down Tomysock posted on Facebook a viral video that has over 2 million views. He’s in Louisiana where they have had historic flooding that has displaced thousands of people and people have died. He wants to know where Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers are when they need them. Very good question.

The only people coming to the rescue there are the locals and the police. There’s not a sign of the black power radicals anywhere. As Jiggy said… guess black lives matter don’t matter much to the likes of BLM and the New Black Panthers. They are not there when they are needed and can save lives. Where are their boats? Where are their people? Instead, they are burning down cities protesting cops doing their jobs and showing just how hateful and racist they really are.


From Young Conservatives:

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With over 2 million views since the 15th of August, Jiggy Down Tomysocks’ Facebook post has gone viral.

He wants to know why Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers have disappeared while black Louisianans are suffering?

Why aren’t the two groups down in the Pelican State helping black folks who are dealing with the aftermath of the floods?

Good question.

While we are at it, where is Obama while black people are dying down south and coffins are floating in the streets? Well, on the golf course as usual. Only certain lives matter evidently and only if they serve a political agenda. This is the same asshat who castigated George Bush over Katrina and now he just can’t be bothered to go and help Americans in Louisiana and other states. He just doesn’t give a crap.

This was never about race or caring… it was about power and Marxism.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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