BlackLivesMatter FAIL!? We Just Got News That RESPECT For Police Officers Has SHOT UP!

BlackLivesMatter FAIL!? We Just Got News That RESPECT For Police Officers Has SHOT UP!

Is the Black Lives Matter movement starting to see a backlash? The violence and rioting that has long been associated with them is evidently making people side with police, instead of the agitators who light businesses on fire and attack innocent people. In fact, their anti-police rhetoric seems to be backfiring wildly: polling shows that support and respect for police is the highest it has been in decades.


Gallup asked Americans how much they respect police in their area. 76% reported having a “great deal” of respect for police, while 17% said they had “some respect” and only 7% said they had “hardly any.” The 76% figure is the highest it’s been since 1968 and is a huge leap from even just last year, when 64% said they had high respect for police officers.


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Interestingly, the number of people who say they have very little respect for police has remained a minute number, fluctuating between 4% and 7%. Even more interestingly, though, is that minority respondents had a big jump upwards in their level of respect for police. While four out of five white respondents, at 80%, reported having great respect for police, two-thirds of minority respondents, at 67%, also reported having great respect for police.

It is believed that the numbers have increased as police have become increasingly under attack by BLM extremists, becoming victims of violent ambushes or being shot and killed while on duty. This surely has the Black Lives Matter activists fuming. As much as they try to demonize police and encourage hatred towards them, they aren’t successful. Even among minority Americans, respect for police is still high.

Turns out, Americans have more respect for people who protect and serve than they do for people who riot and loot and light things on fire.

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