BREAKING: Dash Cam Footage Released – Shows Keith Scott Coming At Police With GUN In Hand…

BREAKING: Dash Cam Footage Released – Shows Keith Scott Coming At Police With GUN In Hand…

WSOCTV is now reporting that there is dash cam footage of Keith Scott getting out of his car with a gun in his hand and approaching police officers. The police are not releasing the footage currently… they can’t. This is an internal affairs investigation and the footage will be used in court. Until the attorneys clear it, that video won’t be released.

It sounds as though the guy had a thigh holster that had a gun in it that he pulled when he was approached. The excuse he didn’t know they were police officers won’t hold up either… they identified themselves as such when they commanded him to get out of his car. No book was found anywhere. The story his daughter is circulating to gin up racial animosity and riots is a lie.


From Gateway Pundit:

Charlotte police reportedly have video of Keith Scott exiting his car, moving toward police officers, with a gun in his hand.

And now race protesters are beating cops, tackling reporters, rioting and looting stores.
Including the Hornets team store at the arena.


The protest leaders are encouraging the community to fight back.
After Keith Scott came after a cop with a gun and was shot dead.


Keith Scott wasn’t holding a book. He was holding a gun and had a holster strapped to his leg.

Currently, one protester is hanging on to life in critical condition after a second night of rioting. He was shot in the head by another protester. Cops and protesters have both been sent to hospitals and the violence is getting worse. The governor has now declared an emergency in Charlotte and the National Guard have been called in. A curfew is being considered as well.

Scott charged those officers before he was shot and killed. Chief Kerr Putney told reporters on Wednesday that Officer Brentley Vinson saw Scott with a handgun and that Scott would not drop it after being ordered to do so. The officer that shot him followed procedure and did the right thing here. But it hardly matters… any excuse will do… any lie will do to start a race war and a riot. Charlotte exemplifies that.

In the meantime, the riots continue and it is only a matter of time at this rate until someone is killed. Looting is rampant and the media have been attacked and brutalized. A photographer was shoved to the ground and then protesters tried to throw him into a fire.

This is the chaos and violence Obama has been fomenting in our streets. It’s about to explode massively.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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