BREAKING NEWS: Arrest Made In DEATH Of Charlotte Protester – DETAILS [VIDEO]

BREAKING NEWS: Arrest Made In DEATH Of Charlotte Protester – DETAILS [VIDEO]

During the violent protests in Charlotte, NC, a protester shot into the crowd there. He wound up shooting Justin Carr in the head. At first the media reported he had died… Justin did not die until last night – he was on life support. This morning, the police apprehended the man they think killed him… Rayquan Borum. There are those saying the police killed Justin with rubber bullets. I don’t believe that at all. Surveillance video shows Borum shooting the gun that killed Justin. Lay blame where blame is due.

The shooting happened the second night of the protests in Charlotte. It was an awful, bloody scene. I don’t know why anyone would just fire into the crowd like that. It makes no sense. Someone was bound to be hit and die. Maybe the guy just didn’t care.

A white man was also kicked and beaten brutally in a garage by the protesters there. So much violence over a justified shooting by a black police officer. It’s as if facts don’t matter… they just want revolution in the streets.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

The several nights of chaos in Charlotte, North Carolina led to the death of a man who was present at the protests; his name was Justin Carr. He was shot on Wednesday night and and died Thursday morning.

Amid the chaos, it was difficult to tell exactly what happened. All we have known up until this point was that one of the protesters fired on Carr and that his injuries led to his death. However, there are new developments out of Charlotte.

Fox News has more:

Rayquan Borum, 21, was charged Friday morning in shooting death of Justin Carr, who died a day after being shot during protests in Trade Street, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney said.

Putney said surveillance footage supplied by buildings in the area helped identify the suspect. The shooting occurred Wednesday night, and Charlotte police initially said the man had died, although he survived on life support until Thursday. Witnesses gave conflicting accounts about who shot him, with some insisting they saw police gun him down with rubber bullets, while others said he was killed by a fellow protester.


Who will protest for Justin Carr? Certainly not Black Lives Matter. To them, he is a war casualty. They’ll just step over his body and riot on. There will be no marches or demands for justice for Justin. These people use others and then discard their dead bodies as they go. It’s the communist, radical way.

They are now trying to lay the blame for Justin Carr’s death on the police. I don’t believe it and won’t until I see video proving it. It is far more likely it is the guy that has been arrested. My only question is did someone pay him to shoot things up?




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