Charlotte Police play a fun game called “Name and Shame” with looter mugshots

Charlotte Police play a fun game called “Name and Shame” with looter mugshots

The authorities and police in Charlotte mean business when they aim to put a stop to the rioting, looting and property damage from Black Lives Matter. Measures are being implemented to take government benefits, welfare and food stamps away from anyone caught doing these activities. Permanently. Parents are being held liable for underage protesters – their penalties will apply to the parents as well.

Oh, but it gets better… now the police are naming and shaming these reprobates. They have a whole wall of shame and these wanted posters and notices are going on social media. The whole world gets to know who these dirt bags are. I think that is just epic. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


From Gateway Pundit:

Violent Charlotte “protesters” rioted, injured police officers, hurled rocks at reporters and cars, looted and torched trucks on the interstate, looted Walmart and trashed a police cruiser on Tuesday night.

The protesters started fires, destroyed property and looted several local businesses including Walmart, Jimmy John’s. Hyatt, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc.


Many were identified from security cameras and later arrested by Charlotte police.

On Friday the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department posted photos and mugshots of several of the looters.

Name them and Shame them—

As I write this, these asshats are now gearing up for more rioting there in Charlotte. They just don’t get it. Taking away their entitlements and freebies, while putting them on the wall of shame isn’t enough I guess. Well, there’s always prison or worse. Protests showed no signs of abating on Sunday, after the police released videos showing more of the shooting of Scott. You don’t see the actual shooting though and you don’t see the gun in the guy’s hand. What’s at contention now is whether Scott pointed the gun at the officers. Really? He wouldn’t put it down… the guy was a threat, end of story.

Hundreds marched through the center of Charlotte last night with demonstrations that stretched into Sunday morning, including white and black families protesting police violence. One sign read “Stop police brutality” and another showed a picture of a bloody handprint with the phrase #AMINEXT, a social media tag about the fear of becoming a victim of police. Police are now enforcing a curfew, which is good.

All of these people who have been named for looting will face charges. They should be shamed and shunned. For once, social media is going to come in very handy.















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