George Clooney: Supporting Black Lives Matter Is Supporting ‘Racial Equality’ [VIDEO]

George Clooney: Supporting Black Lives Matter Is Supporting ‘Racial Equality’ [VIDEO]

George Clooney, who refuses to go away, is now making the claim that Black Lives Matter supports racial equality as he brushed off their racism and anti-police rhetoric.

In an interview published yesterday, the actor-director, with a net worth of $500 million. defended the far-left, violent, race-baiting Black Lives Matter group while dumping on the Republicans and Trump. Trump, you see, condemned both Antifa and neo-Nazis after the deadly Charlottesville protests.

Clooney, a man with two Oscars to his name, let us know that he’s “very good friends” with some of the GOP involved, said:

“It would be best for the country if some of these Republicans… stood up to [Trump].”

Oh, and Black Lives Matter is totally not a group of hateful race hustlers.

“There’s… the difference between Black Lives Matter and the KKK and the skinheads and the alt-right is this: Black Lives Matter was protesting in support of racial equality.”

Here’s a 2015 video of Black Lives Matter shouting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

A few months ago, we reported that the pro-refugee George Clooney was moving his family from England back to the United States due to security concerns.

So, we here at Right Wing News wanted to publish this video of Larry Elder speaking with David Rubin on “The Rubin Report,” which explains beautifully the damage that “social justice” has done to black Americans.

The full five minute video has a lot to say about racial justice in America, but here’s a tidbit:

RUBIN: …you would say this is purely because of social justice, purely because they want ultimately they want people to be angry enough to keep voting Democrat?

ELDER: That’s right. Where’s the evidence of the lack of social justice? When a black suspect is killed by a cop, believe me, the media’s on it, people are watching it… whether it’s Michael Brown in Ferguson who had just committed a strong-armed robbery, almost every one of these incidents involved someone resisting arrest. Why don’t you just do what the police tell you? My dad said, when I get pulled over, have my hand at 10 o’clock, have my hand at 2 o’clock. 1890, 1900, you look at census reports. A black kid, believe it or not, was slightly more likely to be born to a nuclear intact family than a white kid. We launched this so-called War on Poverty in the 60s… people knocked on doors, apprising women of their availability to welfare, provided there was no man in the house. And we went from 25% of blacks being born outside of wedlock in ’65, to 75% right now. And you look at how much money that we’ve spent on welfare, and the lines are parallel. It was a neutron bomb dropped on this country, not just on the black community but in people in general.

…the relationship between crime and bad schools and going to prison, and not having a dad… and they don’t want to have that conversation.

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