Keith Lamont Scott’s Family Views Police Video Of Shooting – After Inciting NC RIOT, Now They Claim “No Comment”… [VIDEO]

Keith Lamont Scott’s Family Views Police Video Of Shooting – After Inciting NC RIOT, Now They Claim “No Comment”… [VIDEO]

The black man, Keith Lamont Scott, who was shot by a black police officer in North Carolina, was caught on dash cam footage getting out of his car with a gun drawn from a thigh holster he was wearing. He got back in the car and then got back out again, brandishing the weapon at the police – brandishing does not mean pointing by the way. The officer shot and killed Scott because he was a clear and present danger to the officers.

Scott’s family has now watched the video from several angles showing that Scott did indeed have a gun and was threatening the officers after repeatedly being told to drop his weapon. Now the family has no comment and neither does their attorney. Sounds like a justified shooting to me. They lied about the book and ginned up riots there. Then they had a Muslim spokesman come in and incite violence. They should all be arrested as far as I’m concerned.


From Young Conservatives:

The family of Keith Lamont Scott, the black man killed by a black cop after being ordered repeatedly to drop his weapon, said “no comment” when asked after watching video of the incident if the police were in the right.

If that isn’t an admission then their lawyer wouldn’t have told them to say “no comment.”

Clearly, the video must’ve shown that Scott was not obeying police officers (which we already know to be the case).

Had the family’s lawyers even for a second thought the cops were out of line, they would’ve instructed the family to scream bloody murder.

Tell me I’m wrong.

I’m not, but you can tell me anyways.

These riots cost the life of one protester and got not only other protesters hurt, but police officers as well. An emergency was declared by the governor and the National Guard had to come in. These riots will carry a heavy price tag.

The police chief says there is no definitive proof in the video that Scott aimed the gun at the officers. It doesn’t matter. He had it in his hand and would not drop it. The officer that shot him followed procedure and the video bears that out. That is why the family is not screaming bloody murder over the video. They saw that Scott was indeed a threat and that is why he was taken down.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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