NFL Player Incited Violence Against Police, Had Change Of Heart – Donates Entire Check To Blue Lives

NFL Player Incited Violence Against Police, Had Change Of Heart – Donates Entire Check To Blue Lives

Isiah Crowell, running back for the Cleveland Browns, found infamy when he tweeted a picture of a police officer having his throat slit. After Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were shot by police officers, Isiah Crowell took to social media to share a picture of a police officer getting executed. The picture depicts a man dressed like an Islamic terrorist who is cutting open the throat of a police officer. “Mood: They give polices all types of weapons and they continuously choose to kill us…#Weak.”

He has since apologized and promised to give his first paycheck to Blue Lives Matter. Sergeant Pennie, who is the President of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, reluctantly accepted the $35,000 check. He said he would prefer that Crowell would seek to see the real face of Black Lives Matter and what the situation entails.


From Blue Lives Matter:

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In his apology, Crowell stated, “I am outraged and upset by the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile along with so many others. I am also outraged and saddened by the attacks in Dallas and the deaths of the 5 honorable police officers (Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson, and Patrick Zamarripa) who were providing protection while trying to keep peace. We have to be better as a society, it’s not about color, it’s about what’s right and wrong. I was very wrong in posting that image. Every single life matters, every death as a result of violence should be treated with equal outrage and penalty.”

President of Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, Sergeant Demetrick Pennie, said that they didn’t want Crowell’s money, and instead urged him to understand the situation instead of buying into Black Lives Matter nonsense. Sergeant Pennie is now suing Black Lives Matter for inciting a race war.

After receiving his first check, Isiah Crowell made good on his promise and sent $35,000 to Sergeant Pennie who accepted the check on the foundation’s behalf.

A check does not undo the damage that image created. Crowell is trying to distance himself from Black Lives Matter and that is good, but he should go to schools and events and teach young people why it is wrong to promote cop-hatred and violence. In fact, he could brand himself the anti-Kaepernick at events.

I understand being sorry and having a change of heart. But money and an apology just aren’t good enough on this one. Crowell will have to use his actions to actively undo some of the harm he has caused. This was posted prior to five Dallas police officers being gunned down. We’ll never know if this image was part of what inspired their killer.

Sergeant Pennie is now suing Black Lives Matter for inciting a race war. Good for him. Crowell needs to help others not buy into the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement. We need to take a strong stand against BLM and support police officers. Crowell should start there and work his way up.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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