Police release GRAPHIC VIDEO of Keith Scott shooting, picture evidence reveals more

Police release GRAPHIC VIDEO of Keith Scott shooting, picture evidence reveals more

Charlotte police have now released their own body cam footage of the encounter with Keith Lamont Scott, as well as photographic evidence. I guess they were forced to with the footage the suspect’s wife released. Neither show the suspect with the gun in his hand or the actual shooting. But officers can be heard repeatedly telling Scott to put down his weapon before he was shot. Not only is there a pic of the gun, but of the thigh holster and marijuana found in the car.

Scott’s wife is also heard in the previously released video telling her husband, “Don’t you do it, Keith!” Which pretty much indicates that she figured he did indeed have a gun. Scott had previously been arrested and incarcerated for threatening police officers with a weapon, firing at them and punching an officer in the face. So, this was nothing new for him. His wife acted like she didn’t give two cents about him and was more interested in videoing the encounter for some future lawfare.


From Independent Journal Review:

Amid intense public scrutiny, Charlotte police have released dashcam and bodycam video footage of the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

The new graphic footage of the shooting still does not conclusively prove whether Scott was holding a gun during his fatal encounter with police and is unlikely to put the debate over his death to rest:

The shooting has sparked racially charged protests and riots in Charlotte as officers have been accused by some of killing an unarmed black man.

However, police also released an image of the firearm they claim Scott had on him at the time of the shooting. The gun appeared to be in the cocked-back position.


Other images released by authorities in Charlotte showed the holster and marijuana blunt also reportedly found on Scott.


There never was a book and his family is still pushing that. I’ve not seen one in all of this. Regardless, it was the gun at issue and his refusal to obey commands from the police. That, in the end, is what bought him a ticket to the afterlife.

They claim the dashcam footage released on Saturday shows Scott getting out of his car and walking backwards with his hands down. It is unclear if there is anything in his hands. Four shots are heard and he falls to the ground. They are still saying it does not prove he pointed the gun. Again, I say that point is irrelevant. He had a gun that he would not put down. He was a threat period. This is just moronic… they are parsing hairs to try and lay blame on the officers. Put the blame where it is due… on this idiot.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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