Searing BET Release: ‘Katy Perry Is Stealing Elements Of Black Culture’ [VIDEO]

Searing BET Release: ‘Katy Perry Is Stealing Elements Of Black Culture’ [VIDEO]

The left is turning on their own and attacking liberal pop star Katy Perry for “stealing elements of black culture.” A recent article from BET indicates that some people think Perry as reinvented herself “on the back of Black urban culture.”

Because apparently people aren’t allowed to make themselves happy if it means they look like someone of a different race. That’s a new rule in our culture.

An article on completely trashed Perry and accused her of cultural appropriation.

Author Keith Murphy laments the days where Perry was a “bubbly, witty and at times self-deprecating brunette who had began her professional career in 2001 as a virginal contemporary Christian music vocalist before hitting peak pop superstar levels.”

Many took to Twitter to make fun of Perry’s performance of her song “Bon Appetit” with Migos, calling it “odd.”

“By the end of the entire cringe-worthy ordeal, you were left to wonder: What the hell happened to Katy Perry? And why did the good-girl-gone-kinda-bad pop protagonist, who first arrived on the pop music scene in 2008 feel the need to Blacken things up?”

Others likened her to Miley Cyrus, who liberals also accused of trying to be black when she went into hip hop.

While Perry has collaborated with black artists in the past such as “Snoop Dogg (‘California Gurls”’, Kanye West (‘E.T.”’ and Juicy J (‘Dark Horse’),” Murphy claims that they were done “on equal, seamless footing like David Bowie’s mid ‘70s exploration of Philly soul.”

He continues:

[T]the stumbling drum up to Perry’s upcoming fifth album Witness has so far been craven in its attempts to create a spark by injecting some Black girl magic.”

It doesn’t surprise me that there are people out there who want to bring down a pop star who is simply conforming to the music and imagery that others want to consume. It’s just sad to watch.

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