Who Do You Think You’re Fooling BlackLivesMatter? Protest Vs RIOT – There’s A Difference, TAKE NOTE… [VIDEO]

Who Do You Think You’re Fooling BlackLivesMatter? Protest Vs RIOT – There’s A Difference, TAKE NOTE… [VIDEO]

Animals behave better than this. After the shooting of a black man by a black police officer, things spiraled out of control in Charlotte, North Carolina. Last night was a lot more peaceful, but the two previous nights were hellish. One protester eventually died after another protester fired randomly into the crowd and shot him in the head. Almost a dozen police were hurt as were numerous protesters. Bricks, bottles, rocks, plants… whatever they could find, protesters threw at the police. The police in turn used tear gas, pepper spray and flash grenades. It was a war zone.

All of this started when the suspect’s family starting spreading the false story that the man was unarmed and reading a book while he waited for his son to get home from school. No book was found, but a gun was. The man got out of his car with a gun drawn from a thigh holster. He got back in the car and then got out again with the gun once more. An officer shot him after he repeatedly refused to drop the weapon. His family incited violence and rioting as did a Muslim man who represented them. They should be arrested.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

Robert Gehl reports that rioters in Charlotte in their second night in a row rampaging the city tried to throw a photographer into a bonfire they started in the middle of the street.

Local station WCCB reported in a tweet Wednesday night that its reporters witnessed “protesters” trying to burn the photographer alive.


The statement was repeated by Marvin Beach, a reporter for WCCB on their live stream. Beach said the station’s photographer witnessed the attack.

As The Daily Caller reports, it’s unclear exactly why they tried to throw the photographer on the fire, or why it failed, but the livestream apparently later captured police providing assistance to the unnamed photographer, indicated he was unharmed.

The photographer was apparently white, raising the specter that he was targeted because of his race – There have been many cases of race-oriented violence during the two-day chaos.

The worst example of the barbaric behavior that occurred this week was when a white photographer was grabbed by Black Lives Matter goons who then tried to throw him into a fire and burn him alive. He was evidently unharmed, but that could have cost him his life. A statement by a reporter named Marvin Beach on WCCB’s livestream of the riots, said the station’s photographer witnessed the attack. It’s unclear why the effort failed, but WCCB’s livestream later captured police providing assistance to the photographer, indicating he was rescued without suffering grievous harm.

What kind of monsters do something like this simply because of race? They are doing everything they say they are protesting against. This will not end well if it keeps up.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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