University Now Flying ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ Flag Alongside U.S. Flag On Campus…

University Now Flying ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ Flag Alongside U.S. Flag On Campus…

Mark another university off your list… the University of Vermont this week flew the Black Lives Matter flag beside the American flag and their state flag. No word on whether next week it will be the ISIS flag or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

So, now our schools of so-called higher education are teaching that a terrorist group that pushes violence and racism should be respected as much as the American flag and our Founding Fathers. That is just obscene in the extreme. If this is symbolic support of their community, I want no part of any of them.


From Gateway Pundit:

It’s an Obama world…

The University of Vermont this week flew the “Black Lives Matter” terrorist flag beside the American flag on campus.

This is what they are teaching America’s children today on college campuses–

That a terrorist flag is to be respected and the American flag is to be disrespected.

Campus Reform reported:

The University of Vermont’s Burlington campus is flying a Black Lives Matter flag alongside both the American and state flags.

Several students from the school took to social media to express their support for the move, with some saying the school is “winning for this” and another noting that since the school is supportive of the movement, “we should be too.”

One local news outlet is reporting that the flag is being sponsored by the school’s Student Government Association (SGA), whose president called the move a way to “show symbolic support for our community.”

The flag is being sponsored by the UVM Student Government Association. They should be ashamed of themselves. The flag apparently appeared on campus the day after the start of the riots in Charlotte, which have now taken one life and injured about a dozen police officers and a number of protesters. Many students at the school are saying they are happy to see the BLM flag on their campus, with some even saying they would like to see the flag stay up on campus “forever.”

I guess I should not be surprised. Vermont is uber liberal. Not everyone thought it was keen… “The university is known for being very liberal, but this statement of support for Black Lives Matter goes beyond anything that can be excused,” one student, who did not wish to be identified, told Campus Reform. “A public university, funded by the taxpayers…has no right to make such a blatant political statement. It is inappropriate for a public university, where opinions and views are supposed to be freely expressed, as BLM is known…to stifle free speech.”

That flagpole can evidently be sponsored by any student organization for any cause. This one is revolutionary and violent.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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