VIDEO: Anti-Trump thugs cause chaos, force cop to use bicycle as a weapon

VIDEO: Anti-Trump thugs cause chaos, force cop to use bicycle as a weapon

Pro-Trump rallies were held across the country yesterday and a number of them had violent confrontations. Black Bloc, Antifa and Black Lives Matter got into it with pro-Trump supporters in Philadelphia. The Trump people had a valid permit to march, but the radicals blocked their path and were instigating violence and fights. So rather than beat down the thugs, the police blocked the pro-Trump marchers for ‘their own safety’.

Eventually, they let the Trump group continue their rally. But as they gathered at Independence Mall, the event had to be cut short. Police were again saying they feared for the safety of the Trump supporters. Don’t get me wrong… the police did tango with some of these people. One officer had to use his bike as a literal weapon on one of the asshats. Others were arrested. But the First Amendment rights of the Trump people should not have been curtailed. Antifa celebrated a win when the festivities were cut short.

From BizPac Review:

A pro-Trump rally in Philadelphia was overtaken Saturday by violent “anti-fascists,” known as Antifa, who succeeded in forcing the event to shut down early.

Wearing the prerequisite black hoodies and covering their faces, anti-Trump thugs were determined to disrupt the peaceful event and did just that when they usurped the scheduled rally that was part of a national effort, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Arriving early, the anti-Trump protesters overtook the planned march route. Citing safety concerns, police initially prevented the pro-Trump forces from following suit, even though they had the required permits.

As designed, chaos was the order of the day. In addition to throwing smoke bombs, the counter-demonstrators burned the American flag, which has become a standard from the group sometimes referred to as “black bloc.”

The Trump rally was eventually allowed to take place, but they were unable to finish the march after police advised them to stop because of “concerns for their safety and for innocent people.”

Some of the Trump supporters also did not do themselves any favors and some of them looked really iffy to me. But you could tell there were many good people there as well. Black Bloc burned flags and carried out marches along the route, chanting: “F**k Trump, F**k Pence!” They have a very limited vocabulary. Insanely, a whole bunch of kids joined the march and the police on their bikes. I’m not even sure what that was about.

Initially, the pro-Trump Pennsylvania MAGA March had started at about 11:30 am at People’s Plaza on Independence Mall, near Fifth and Market Streets, where they were met by anti-Trump counterprotesters. The pro-Trump group finally started their march around 2 pm. Their plan was to march to Eakins Oval, in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but they didn’t make it there. Police Deputy Commissioner Joseph Sullivan said the pro-Trump group was advised to stop around City Hall because of “concerns for their safety and for innocent people.” So, after marching around City Hall, the pro-Trump group headed back on Market Street toward Independence Mall, where they dispersed at about 3:15 pm.

According to an image of a flier on the Disrupt MAGA Philly website, counterprotesters were asked to bring “noisemakers, instruments, floats, megaphones,” among other things and “to confront Trump’s supporters and to prevent” their march from happening. The Make America Great Again marches, named after President Trump’s campaign slogan, were scheduled to take place in 40 cities or towns in 32 states, and in Washington DC, in support of the new administration, veterans and law enforcement. Most of the events were peaceful, a number of them weren’t. Philly was definitely one of the latter.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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