White Cop Suspended After Black Lives Matter Discovers What’s On His Facebook

White Cop Suspended After Black Lives Matter Discovers What’s On His Facebook

Christopher Castiglia is a sergeant with the New Rochelle Police Department. He’s white and he’s not a big fan of Black Lives Matter. Join the club. He posted on Facebook his personal opinion of the movement. He was not racist or disrespectful… but for daring to have a personal opinion, he was suspended without pay.

Castiglia is far from alone… many, many police officers have a less than favorable opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement and I don’t blame them. It is their members that are hunting police down and assassinating them. I don’t think a hug is going to make this better, do you? He didn’t cuss anyone out or threaten to kill them… he simply pointed out that if you hate the police, then call BLM when things go wrong and be up front about it. I see nothing wrong with that sentiment… in fact, it makes perfect sense.


From lohud:

NEW ROCHELLE – A city police sergeant was suspended without pay after writing a Facebook post criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Christopher Castiglia, who was promoted to sergeant in December, was suspended Tuesday and police said he could face further discipline if he violated the police department’s social media policy.

“We have taken action,” department spokesman Capt. Robert Gazzola said. “We were displeased with what was posted. The officer did not speak for the department.”

Here’s what Castiglia posted:


The website Black Westchester wrote on his Facebook post and that is what caught the attention of his superiors. Black Westchester’s slogan is “The News With A Black Point of View.” In that same post, they went on about how a firefighter who praised the sniper in Dallas got more attention than this officer’s post. The two are not in the same league. That black firefighter was praising a cop-killer. Castiglia was expressing a personal opinion concerning his frustration with BLM that was very tame. Just who is a racist here folks? That police department needs to get a grip on reality.

These officers are hated simply for helping people a great deal of the time. It is a thankless, dangerous job they proudly do. But they are human just like us and they have feelings too. How could they not be frustrated and outraged as officers are gunned down in the streets across America?

Given, the officer should probably have stayed off social media. He violated his department’s social media policy. I have no idea what that policy says or if it is fair, but silencing officers like this just makes things worse. Police officers are constantly set up to get in trouble like this.

Maybe the New Rochelle Police Department would be better off letting officers do their jobs, rather than playing the political correctness game and punishing their own for minor things such as this. All officers should tread carefully out there on social media… we need you out there and I would hope we don’t lose good cops simply because someone got their itty bitty feelings hurt.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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