Poll Results: Conservative Bloggers Hate The Senate Immigration Bill

by John Hawkins | June 24, 2013 2:22 am

Right Wing News emailed right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 9 questions about the immigration bill that will be voted on in he Senate this week. Representatives from the following 37 blogs responded:

American Power[1], Argghhhh![2], BizzyBlog[3], Conservatives4Palin[4], David Limbaugh[5], Dodgeblogium[6], Don Surber[7], Doug Ross[8], Ed Driscoll[9], Exurban League[10], Fausta’s Blog[11], Frugal Cafe[12], Hoosier Access[13], IMAO[14], Joe for America[15], John Hawkins[16], Liberty Pundits[17], Life News[18], Liz Mair[19], Lonely Conservative[20], Moonbattery[21], My Aisling[22], Neo-Neocon[23], Pirates Cove[24], QandO[25], Return to Sanity[26], Rosie on the Right[27], Russ. Just Russ[28], The Absurd Report[29], The Conservative Treehouse[30], The Jawa Report[31], The Looking Spoon[32], Vox Popoli[33], Weapons of Mass Discussion[34], Wyblog[35], YidwithLid[36]

Here are the results.

1) Do you believe we should give legal status to illegal immigrants in the United States before security procedures are fully put in place?
B) No 94.6% (35 votes)
A) Yes 5.4% (2 votes)

2) Do you believe we should put illegal aliens on a path to citizenship before security procedures are fully in place?
B) No 94.6% (35 votes)
A) Yes 5.4% (2 votes)

3) Do you believe that the bill in the Senate would, if passed, secure the border and stop the influx of significant numbers of illegal aliens into the United States?
B) No 97.3% (36 votes)
A) Yes 2.7% (1 votes)

4) If this bill is passed, do you believe the fence on our southern border will be completed while Barack Obama is in office?
B) No 100% (37 votes)
A) Yes 0% (0 votes)

5) Do you think the bill in the Senate provides amnesty to illegal aliens?
A) Yes 94.6% (35 votes)
B) No 5.4% (2 votes)

6) On the whole, which of these sentiments best describes your thoughts about illegal aliens?
B) They make America a worse place to live? 88.6% (31 votes)
A) They make America a better place to live? 11.4% (4 votes)

7) On the whole, which of these sentiments best describes your thoughts about legal immigrants?
A) They make America a better place to live? 88.6% (31 votes)
B) They make America a worse place to live? 11.4% (4 votes)

8) Do you think the Republican Party would be better off politically if the bill passes the Senate or better off if it fails?
B) Fails 89.2% (33 votes)
A) Passes 10.8% (4 votes)

9) Do you support the immigration bill currently being discussed in the Senate?
B) No 94.6% (35 votes)
A) Yes 5.4% (2 votes)

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