Poll Results: Conservative Bloggers Overwhelmingly Oppose Bombing Syria

by John Hawkins | September 5, 2013 2:46 am

Right Wing News emailed right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer two questions about potential military action in Syria. The following 46 bloggers responded.


101 Dead Armadillos[2], Alexa Shrugged[3], All American Blogger[4], Backyard Conservative[5], BizzyBlog[6], Bluey Blog[7], Cara Ellison[8], Cassy Fiano[9], Conservative Compendium[10], Dodgeblogium[11], Exurban League[12], Fausta’s Blog[13], Fraters Libertas[14], Freeman Hunt[15], FrontPageMag[16], Hoosier Access[17], IMAO[18], JHPolitics[19], Joe for America[20], John Hawkins[21], Laughing Conservative[22], Lee Doren[23], Legal Insurrection[24], Life News[25], Midnight Blue[26], Moonbattery[27], Musing Minds[28], My Aisling[29], Naked DC[30], Nice Deb[31], Pursuing Holiness[32], QandO[33], SondraK[34], The Conservative Treehouse[35], The Hedgehog Report[36], The Jawa Report[37], The Looking Spoon[38], The Right Mixx[39], The TrogloPundit[40], Vox Popoli[41], Weapons of Mass Discussion[42], Wintery knight[43], Wyblog[44], YidwithLid[45], fullkenneth[46]

Here are the results.

#1) Do you think Congress should give Obama authorization for ANY sort of military operation in Syria?

No: 84.8% (39 votes)
Yes: 15.2% (7 votes)

#2) If it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Assad used chemical weapons in Syria, would you support bombing Syria?

No: 76.1% (35 votes)
Yes: 23.9% (11 votes)

Bonus: I also polled a number of Tea Party Leaders across the country. Because of a technical problem, the number of responses was lower than I’d like. Still, I want to show you how the numbers broke down for them.

#1) Do you think Congress should give Obama authorization for ANY sort of military operation in Syria?

No: 100% (21 votes)

#2) If it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Assad used chemical weapons in Syria, would you support bombing Syria?

No: 90.5% (19 votes)
Yes: 9.5% (2 votes)

Over the next few days, we here at Right Wing News want you to vote on these same questions and we’ll reveal the results on Monday. You can vote here[47]. Once again, if you want to vote on these questions, you can do it here[47].

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