Polling Conservative Bloggers On The 2012 GOP Primaries (Pre-Super Tuesday Editon)

by John Hawkins | March 5, 2012 7:04 am

Right Wing News polled more than 250 right-of-center bloggers on which candidate they’d support if the 2012 Republican primaries were today. The following 67 bloggers responded:

101 Dead Armadillos[1], Ace of Spades HQ[2], Alexa Shrugged[3], Althouse[4], American Glob[5], Argghhhh![6], Bad Example[7], Basil’s Blog[8], Betsy’s Page[9], Blonde Sagacity[10], Bookworm Room[11], Cara Ellison[12], Confederate Yankee[13], Conservative Compendium[14], Danny Carlton[15], Dodgeblogium[16], Don Surber[17], Ed Driscoll[18], Electric Venom[19], Eternity Road[20], Fausta’s Blog[21], Fraters Libertas[22], Freeman Hunt[23], GayPatriot[24], GraniteGrok[25], JammieWearingFool[26], Jenn Q. Public[27], Jeremayakovka[28], John Hawkins[29], Likelihood of Confusion[30], Little Miss Attila[31], Mean Ol Meany[32], Midnight Blue[33], Milton Wolf[34], Mount Virtus[35], Naked DC[36], Neo-Neocon[37], Nice Deb[38], No Oil For Pacifists[39], Outside The Beltway[40], Pal2pal[41], Pirates Cove[42], Pundit Boy[43], Pursuing Holiness[44], QandO[45], Right Wing Rocker[46], Rightosphere[47], Russ. Just Russ[48], Shrink Wrapped[49], Sunshine State Sarah[50], The Anchoress[51], The EM Network[52], The Jawa Report[53], The Looking Spoon[54], The Next Right[55], The Shark Tank[56], The TrogloPundit[57], The Underground Conservative[58], This Ain’t Hell[59], Verum Serum[60], Vox Popoli[61], WILLisms[62], Weapons of Mass Discussion[63], Wintery knight[64], Wyblog[65]

Here’s how the results broke down:

1) If you had to pick the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee today, which of the following candidates would you select?

4) Ron Paul: 4.4% (3 votes)
3) Rick Santorum: 20.6% (14 votes)
2) Newt Gingrich: 27.9% (19 votes)
1) Mitt Romney: 47.1% (32 votes)

2) Which of the following candidates would you prefer as the GOP’s nominee?

2) Newt Gingrich: 48.5% (33 votes)
1) Mitt Romney: 51.5% (35 votes)

3) Which of the following candidates would you prefer as the GOP’s nominee?

2) Ron Paul: 7.6% (5 votes)
1) Mitt Romney: 92.4% (61 votes)

4) Which of the following candidates would you prefer as the GOP’s nominee?

2) Rick Santorum: 37.3% (25 votes)
1) Mitt Romney: 62.7% (42 votes)

5) Which of the following candidates would you prefer as the GOP’s nominee?

2) Mitt Romney: 47.1% (32 votes)
1) An as of yet unknown candidate selected at a brokered convention: 52.9% (36 votes)

6) Which of the following candidates would you prefer as the GOP’s nominee?

2) Rick Santorum: 43.8% (28 votes)
1) Newt Gingrich: 56.3% (36 votes)

7) Who do you think is more likely to win in November?

2) Barack Obama: 41.8% (28 votes)
1) The GOP’s nominee: 58.2% (39 votes)

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