Polling Conservative Bloggers On The Arizona Immigration Law, Illegals, & Legal Immigration

by John Hawkins | May 7, 2010 6:18 am

Right Wing News emailed more than 260 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 10 questions about the Arizona immigration law, illegals, and legal immigration. Representatives from the following 50 blogs responded:

101 Dead Armadillos[1], The Absurd Report[2], Ace of Spades HQ[3], All That Is Necessary[4], The American Princess[5], And Rightly So[6], Argghhhh![7], Basil’s Blog[8], Batesline[9], Bookworm Room[10], Bright & Early[11], Brooklyn Roberts[12], Bull Moose Strikes Back[13], Dodgeblogium[14], Doubleplusundead[15], Ed Driscoll[16], Drumwaster’s Rants[17], Cara Ellison[18], Exurban League[19], Cassy Fiano[20], Fausta’s Blog[21], GayPatriot[22], Generation Patriot[23], GOPUSA Northeast[24], IMAO[25], JackLewis[26], JammieWearingFool[27], Moe Lane[28], Legal Insurrection[29], Linkiest[30], Lotus Blog[31], Mean Ol’ Meany [32], Midnight Blue[33], mountaineer musings[34], Moonbattery[35], Nice Deb[36], No Runny Eggs[37], No Runny Eggs (2nd blogger)[38], Pal2pal[39], Pursuing Holiness.com[40], Right View from the Left Coast[41], Snark and Boobs[42], Solomonia[43], Stop The ACLU[44], The Sundries Shack[45], This Ain’t Hell[46], Twenty Mule Team[47], Weapons of Mass Discussion[48], Wolking’s World[49], YidwithLid[50]

Here are the polling results (Some questions were skipped and therefore had less than 50 responses.)

1) Do you approve of Arizona’s new immigration law?

Yes: 98% (49 votes)
No: 2% (1 votes)

2) Would you like to see your state implement something like Arizona’s new immigration law?

Yes: 98% (49 votes)
No: 2% (1 votes)

3) Do you believe Arizona’s new immigration law constitutes racial profiling or discriminates against Hispanic Americans?

Yes: 4.1% (2 votes)
No: 95.9% (47 votes)

4) If you had to choose between the following options, which would you prefer?

Comprehensive immigration reform: 8% (4 votes)
Immigration reform that focused on security before addressing the status of illegals already in the country: 92% (46 votes)

5) If we implemented comprehensive reform, which of the following best describes what you think would happen?

Illegals would become citizens and the border would be secured: 20.4% (10 votes)
Illegals would become citizens, but the border wouldn’t be secured: 79.6% (39 votes)

6) Do you believe the fence on our southern border will be completed while Barack Obama is in office?

Yes: 0%
No: 100% (50 votes)

7) On the whole, which of these sentiments best describes your thoughts about illegal aliens?

They make America a better place to live: 4.1% (2 votes)
They make America a worse place to live: 95.9% (47 votes)

8) On the whole, which of these sentiments best describes your thoughts about legal immigrants?

They America a better place to live: 98% (49 votes)
They make America a worse place to live: 2% (1 votes)

9) Do you think the United States is doing a good job of assimilating immigrants?

Yes: 22% (11 votes)
No: 78% (39 votes)

10) Do you believe that taking a tough line on illegal immigration would be winning issue for Republicans in the 2010 election?

Yes: 86% (43 votes)
No: 14% (7 votes)

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