Seasons of Gray: A Great Alternative to Many Hollywood Films

by Anna Maria Hoffman | November 1, 2013 10:35 am

On October 18th,: Seasons of Gray, a film produced by Rick Santorum’s: EchoLight Studios,: came to theaters nationwide. This summer, I had the opportunity to see this amazing film at a private screening. Unlike many films produced by Hollywood these days, this film provides an uplifting message for all Americans and avoids any filthy, degrading themes to successfully achieve that.

Seasons of Gray: is a modern-day telling of the story of Joseph. Even though it’s based on this well-renowned Biblical story, any nonreligious person could easily be captivated by this film. It promotes good values recognized and appreciated by all, and its Christian undertones speak well and lovingly to anybody in the audience.

The film begins with the main character Brady Gray and his life on his family’s ranch. Brady is his father’s favorite son, and thus, his brothers resent him. Acting out on their immense jealousy of Brady, they severely beat him up and put him in a truck used for transporting farm animals. Brady is then left on the side of a highway, and a man named Chris picks him up and invites him to stay at his place.

At this point in the film, we see Brady’s life dramatically change for the better as he starts his life anew in Dallas. Brady immediately starts an entry-level job at the same company that also employs his friend Chris. Eventually, he works his way up to obtain a great job in the company. Meanwhile, he develops an interest in his co-worker Kate. Their relationship is depicted respectfully and realistically, unlike many of the relationships we see depicted in today’s Hollywood films.

However, Brady’s success is short-lived. At an office party, Brady is falsely accused of sexually assaulting his boss’s wife, who actually makes advances on him to purposefully ruin his career and accomplishments. Unfortunately, Brady is put in jail shortly after. While in prison for a year, Brady comes to understand why he is suffering and starts to see the good in his terrible situation. He meanwhile develops supportive relationships with his fellow inmates and cultivates a more serious relationship with Kate, as they live their lives separately. Most notably, his time in prison helps him to understand the importance of forgiveness in any situation in life.

Once Brady is released from prison, his former company offers him a wonderful job. Yet, he has to face his brothers again when they come to his office to discuss their ranch. Eventually, Brady forgives his brothers for their unjust actions against him when they all arrive back at the ranch. Through his gesture, Brady demonstrates to us that forgiveness is stronger and more powerful than maintaining deep-seated anger and bitterness towards others.

Seasons of Gray: is a breath of fresh of air in today’s culture, which constantly produces and promotes films that celebrate sexual promiscuity, spitefulness, violence, drugs, and alcoholism. In order for cultural renewal to take place and flourish, we need more filmmakers to create good quality films like: Seasons of Gray.

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