“Wrecking Ball”: Good Song Gone Visually Wrong

by Anna Maria Hoffman | September 10, 2013 10:39 am

by: Anna Maria Hoffman[1]

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus: released: a music video for her new song “Wrecking Ball.” Basically, it corrupted a decent song with sexually explicit innuendos. After watching it, you only wish for Miley Cyrus to heal and transform her life for the better.

The music video begins with a close-up of Miley, sporting her unfeminine, third-wave feminist hair cut, singing and crying about one of her lost loves. Looking at the lyrics, one can easily guess they are about actor Liam Hemsworth, her on-again-off-again: fiancé, who, according to: an insider, was repulsed by her disgusting performance at the VMAs.

As Miley reveals more about her relationship throughout the music video, she scandalously reveals more skin. She initially wears a white bra and panties, and then completely discards her clothing once she swings on a wrecking ball. Her actions, sexually explicit behaviors, and lack of clothing easily remind us of: Femen, the radical, disgraceful feminists who come from the Ukraine. But none of this should surprise us after watching her absolutely tasteless performance at the VMAs.: 

Clearly, Miley is once again behaving provocatively for attention and ratings. However, her actions reveal something deeper than that. Miley Cyrus is a troubled young woman who is resorting to sexually explicit performances, because she is seeking genuine love, concern, care, and guidance, which are most likely greatly lacking in her life. By clinging to an unfeminine, undignified routine of raunchiness, she is communicating to us that she is desperately in search of help.

I can speak from personal experience that constant support and reassurance from your parents can help you make the right choices and lessen the likelihood of you plunging into a corrupting lifestyle as you emerge into adulthood. I only wish Miley Cyrus would have received the type of positive parental influence that I received while growing up, along with more discipline from her parents.

I also wish that Miley Cyrus would look up to actress Tamera Mowry-Housely, who decided to avoid the morally corrupting walk on the wild side and instead saved herself for: marriage. Tamera is not only a respectable, wonderful role model for young actresses, but also for all young women. Her grace and respect for herself are qualities that all young women should aspire to adopt in their own lives.

“Wrecking Ball” clearly reveals that our culture is in need of major healing. Because Hollywood has such a powerful influence in America, we should continue to speak out about the crumbling state of our culture to pave the way for cultural renewal. Although “Wrecking Ball” probably wrecked your mood, don’t let it discourage you from restoring our culture for the better.

See the sexually explicit music video here:

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