Young People Should Visit Liberty Farm

by Gabriella Hoffman

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Liberty Farm in Paris, Virginia. Its owner is freedom farmer Martha Boneta, who’s a household name here in the Commonwealth.

Situated roughly 65 miles west of the nation’s capital, Liberty Farm is like a small slice of heaven marked by green pastures, clear blue skies, and a menagerie of cute farm animals that are rescued. When you think of the quintessential American farm, Liberty Farm definitely comes to mind.

Martha has been the target of unfair attacks from Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), a non-profit land trust beholdened to radical environmentalism. Here’s more about it as reported by Daily Signal:

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Boneta bought the farm from the Piedmont Environmental Council in July 2006 with the easement already attached. On June 29, 2006, Boneta and Chris Miller, the Piedmont group’s president, signed each page of the purchase contract with the easement.

But on July 26, 2006, the Piedmont Environmental Council filed the alternative easement with Fauquier County officials, without Boneta’s consent, just prior to transferring the title of the property over to her. The new agreement provides the green group with rights and privileges not in the version Boneta agreed to when she purchased the farm.

As a result of constant bullying and trespassing from PEC, Mrs. Boneta has fought back. Two pieces of legislation– both dubbed “Boneta Bill” and “Boneta Bill 2“–were recently signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) here in Virginia (weird, right?) to ensure that private property rights are respected. Interestingly enough, the farm freedom movement enjoys widespread appeal from across the political spectrum.

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