Bummer: California’s Cap And Trade System May Be Unconstitutional

Bummer: California’s Cap And Trade System May Be Unconstitutional

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It must have been extremely painful for the LA Times to write this, considering their years long support of Hotcoldwetdry initiatives

The immediate threat to California’s climate-change fight isn’t Trump, it’s this

With President Trump in the Oval Office, California officials are bracing for the possibility that the new administration will undermine the state’s landmark policies on climate change. But the more immediate threat isn’t coming from Washington; it lies in a lawsuit that has been slowly winding its way through state courts.

The 4-year-old legal challenge pursued by the California Chamber of Commerce and a collection of business interests argues that the cap-and-trade program represents an unconstitutional tax. The system, intended to create a financial incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, requires companies to purchase permits to pollute.

For Gov. Jerry Brown and the environmental community, the lawsuit has been a ticking time bomb that could eliminate a key source of revenue and undermine a program touted as an international model for fighting global warming.

Eventually, they get around to explaining why

Opponents disagree, noting that the state is collecting revenue through a program that wasn’t created with a two-thirds vote in both houses of the Legislature, the threshold needed to approve taxes.

“What they’re doing is simply outside the law,” said Loren Kaye, president of the California Foundation for Commerce and Education, a think tank affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce.

Law shmaw, they have Warmism to accomplish! Doesn’t matter that this kind of thing hurts the poor and middle classes, and that the people pushing this the most use more than their fair share of fossil fuels and have bigger carbon footprints. Everyone Else must comply.

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