CA Governor, Jerry Brown Plays Part Of President – Signs Climate Deal With CHINA!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 8, 2017 10:20 am

So, now California[1] is striking deals directly with communist China. This should not be allowed. Governor Jerry Brown signed a climate change agreement with China this week in direct defiance of President Trump. Tell me again why we aren’t cutting off all funding to California? Brown has been on a tear strengthening ties with China… a country who is a stone cold enemy of the U.S. We are this close to war with the Chinese over the South China Sea and their military buildup there. Treasonous is a good descriptor here.

The agreement is pretty much toothless, but it does give Brown grounds to institute a carbon tax in his state. He could also invite the Chinese in for more business development, opening us even more to communist infiltration. Brown claims they did not speak of Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord in his lengthy meeting with the Chinese. I find that highly doubtful.


From Breitbart:

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new climate change agreement between the State of California and the People’s Republic of China on Tuesday.

The gesture continued Brown’s efforts to expand ties with China, as well as his diplomatic campaign to push for more action on climate change. It came in the immediate aftermath of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords.

A statement by Gov. Brown’s office described[3] the new agreement as follows:

Specifically, the agreement expands cooperation on the advancement of low-carbon, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies such as zero-emission vehicles, energy storage, grid modernization and low-carbon urban development. Under the agreement, California and China will also deepen their partnership and coordination on greenhouse gas emission and air pollution reduction programs, including emissions trading systems and carbon capture.

The Associated Press reports[4], however, that the agreement does not bind either China or California to specific greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Brown met for 45 minutes with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The AP reports that “Trump’s announcement last week that he wants to pull out of the Paris accord did not come up, according to the governor.”

Jerry Brown has been involved in the Paris Climate Accord from the beginning, traveling to Paris to work out details on it. Brown has also championed California’s role in the “Under2” coalition, a grouping of sub-national jurisdictions (such as states and provinces) that have committed to address climate change. California is bankrupt and this ‘greenie’ insanity is taking them further down the insolvency hole. Brown is not only incompetent, he’s irresponsible in his meddling in international affairs… he has no business doing so as a part of the sovereign United States.

Gov. Jerry Brown told The Associated Press at an international clean energy conference in Beijing that Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris agreement will ultimately prove only a temporary setback. We had better hope that’s not true. We can’t afford the $3 trillion it would cost us or the 6 million jobs that would disappear in this leftist scam. Without mentioning Trump by name, Brown told attendees at a forum on electric vehicles that “there are still people in powerful places who are resisting reality.” That would be Governor Moonbeam, not President Trump. Brown is dangerous and this is nothing less than a subversive move by Brown and the state of California to undermine the authority of a sitting President.


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