California voted to go easy on criminals & this is how crime is doing three years later

California voted to go easy on criminals & this is how crime is doing three years later

For progressives, “criminal justice reform” has always been about refusing to issue proper punishments for crime because of “prison overpopulation.” Overpopulation is a sin equal to that of lighting on orphanage on fire on Christmas Eve in their eyes and we should be more lenient on criminals.

California put this idea to the test in 2014 when voters approved a proposition that would ease up on certain crimes. The result of this absurd move are pretty much what anyone with two brain cells to rub together could have predicted.

Three years after the adoption of Proposition 47 in California, some in the law enforcement community are blaming it for a significant rise in crime.

Local news station KTTV-TV claims that while arrests are down 30%, the rate of violent rime has shot up 40%. Preliminary estimates also indicate that the Inland Empire area has gone from 9th in the nation in vehicular theft to 5th and that’s just from 2015 to 2016.

Sgt. Sean Brown claims that the proposition means police can’t keep crime from occurring if they’re not allowed to jail criminals.

“The punishment is very minimal. If nobody goes to jail for committing a crime, what’s to prevent them from committing more crimes?”

Matt Harper, California Assemblyman, said that he believes that the rise in crime is directly related to the choice to adopt more lenient punishments for criminals.

California is certainly having a significant problem with the increase of crime in our state. The only thing that’s really showing a difference in terms of how we approach crime and criminals is this change in our law allowing people to be able to go out on the streets, which previously they would have stayed in prison and not be committing crimes.”

Wow, you mean not punishing criminals doesn’t stop crime? Gee whiz, I wish there was some genius who could have told us that before we went and put our citizens in danger!

Way to go, California. You stink.

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