Californians In Revolt Against Dems Who Voted For Hike In Gas Taxes

Californians In Revolt Against Dems Who Voted For Hike In Gas Taxes

Californians are pissed again and they are fighting back against the Democratic lawmakers who passed the biggest gas tax in the state’s history, just last month.

Many citizens have signed signatures for a callback effort against Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman, due to his voting support of the tax hike through the Road Repair and Accountability Act, at the same time another lawmaker is pushing forward on an initiative to repeal the insane gas tax.

The law adds an extra 12 cents a gallon hike on citizens and raises the tax on diesel fuel, which has skyrocketed already, by 20 cents on the gallon. It even kicks Californians further in the nether regions with an additional charge to yearly vehicle license fees ranging from $25 to $175 depending on the year of the vehicle.

Democrats worked together in the state legislature to force the measure right along party lines, because they got at least one shifty Republican — state Sen. Anthony Cannella — to go along with the measure, conveniently after receiving $500 million in payoff finds supposedly for a commuter rail extension in his district. That’s bad, but still it’s the Democrats that are taking the brunt of the backlash for their bill.

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It was of course Gov. Jerry Brown’s determination to assist and approve the law, and in turn, caused three Southern California radio talk show hosts to start up a recall campaign to go after Newman, a first-term Democratic legislator who was lucky enough to squeak by his Republican opponent back in November of last year.

Ken Chiampou is the co-host of “John and Ken” and is one of the radio hosts setting up the petition:

“That’s the only thing that works, is to take one of their team members out, politically. If there’s no consequence, no punishment, then they’re going to keep right on doing this crap.”

California Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen is the only one standing strong and fighting back with a ballot initiative to repeal the $52 billion gas tax.

“In 2010, Jerry Brown said, ‘there should be no tax increases without a vote of the people.’ Repealing the gas tax will simply help him keep his promise to California voters.”

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