Maxine Waters Challenger Makes Something CLEAR: I’m Not Related to CNN ‘Loser’ Ana Navarro

Maxine Waters Challenger Makes Something CLEAR: I’m Not Related to CNN ‘Loser’ Ana Navarro

This week, a Republican by the name of Omar Navarro took to social media to assure voters in California that he is not related to the Nicaraguan-born Ana Navarro and he cut right to the chase:

Omar Navarro, who was born in Inglewood, California is a small business owner who is currently running a campaign against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in their Congressional district.

Ana Navarro is a contributer to CNN, ABC and Telemundo whose Twitter bio refers to herself as an “unsuccessful dieter” who lives in Florida who was recently tweeting about the importance of ignoring the French President and instead to “laser focus” on Russia after implying that she is envious of the French, because President Macron is a “sane adult” compared to Trump.

On the other side, Omar’s Twitter bio reads:

Candidate for congress in the 43rd District of CA & supporter of the Constitution. #MaxineWatersHasToGo

So far, Omar has attracted the support of radio show host Larry Elder and even make news by announcing his candidacy right in front of Maxine’s house.

Omar’s parents moved to America from Cuba and he writes about their influence and his contempt for news anchors like Ana on his website:

It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that Congress is a dysfunctional mess. They’d rather fight each other with the goal of scoring points on cable news instead of focusing on sustaining and creating jobs and balancing the budget.

Growing up, my grandpa told me that in Cuba, democracy was not an option. Citizenship in the United States requires us to do more than complain about our problems – we have to work together to fix them.

Our problems can’t be blamed on only Republicans or only Democrats. We need more people in both parties committed to working together and finding real, practical solutions.

If you’re on Twitter I’d recommend giving Omar a follow to watch him continue to attack Maxine Waters and maybe even win that seat from her.

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