Woman Moves From CA To Red State And Learned The Truth – Tells Liberal Friends They’re Wrong

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 20, 2017 1:37 pm

There are definitely two Americas these days. One where elitists live in densely populated cities, many times on the coasts of America, and those who live in normal America. Liberals have many names for it… flyover country, the Bible Belt, middle America. What they actually are implying is that we are backward, stupid and uncivilized. They wouldn’t be caught dead where we live and we wouldn’t live anywhere else.

One Californian liberal writer found out why we feel this way for herself. Leah Singer moved to Indiana and found herself in Trump country. Her whole world was about to shift and she never expected it. Last weekend, in the Indianapolis Star, she sent a crystal clear message to her liberal friends in California and across the nation. You might be wrong about “red states.”


“I used to say I’d never move to a red state. And then I did. And it’s changed my life for the better,” Singer stated. Ensconced in Californian ways… she had become convinced that true diversity only existed in liberal enclaves. She made clear in her article that now that she was no longer there, it was not quite the paradise she thought it was because she no longer simply parroted liberal talking points. “I was raised in California, where we like to believe diversity is applauded and opportunities abound,” she explained. “In many ways, California’s blue state bubble can be a very safe place to live if you subscribe to the popular liberal politics.”

You fit right in if you thought and talked like every other liberal that surrounded you. That’s not what I call diversity or even freedom of thought. Until this woman was forced out of her bubble, she couldn’t see that real life was different for most people. “Over and over, I was questioned about why I would ever leave the Golden State for a ‘flyover’ red state. This phrase alone troubled me, and the implied perception that one flies over the Midwest just to get to their East or West coast home,” she stated. It was like her friends thought she had stepped into an alternate reality or onto another planet altogether. “As I settled into life in the Midwest, I heard the same assumptive questions: ‘Did everyone you know vote for Donald Trump?’ ‘Are there African-American, Jewish, Asian, LGBTQ people in Indiana?’ ‘Do people make fun of you for listening to National Public Radio?’” Singer recalled. These people are so clueless.


Leah suddenly realized that everything she had thought about conservative America was dead wrong. It just wasn’t real. “As I got to know my new Midwest home, I realize how living in a bubble and subscribing to the Middle America stereotypes is truly damaging to this country,” she said. “Never does one ask how the Indiana public schools provide many opportunities that have been cut from California’s public schools because of one budget crisis after another,” Singer continued. “Never does one ask about the low cost of living that is allowing us to pay off the mountain of debt we accrued in California. And never does one ask about my fellow community members, who are running successful businesses, enriching the city’s arts and making a difference for the local environment.”

“Southern California is diverse racially and religiously; it really is not with respect to class or working poor,” Singer revealed. That is exactly right. “This is especially the case in San Diego County, where it’s becoming more difficult for middle-class families to own a home or afford rent, with 41% of homeowners and 57% of renters spending 30% or more of income on housing, all while incomes stay stagnant, according to the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.” California, through Marxism, has lost the American dream. It’s become a nightmare there. Diversity is a luxury of the well-to-do. When you can’t buy a home, put food on the table or afford the basics of living, diversity goes out the window.

What Leah is beginning to see is that many of the wealthy in California seclude themselves and ignore what is going on around them. They certainly don’t want to know the plight of middle America. As far as some of these people are concerned, America is really two countries… the coastal cities and everywhere else. “(H)ow many of these people travel within their own country to get to know the ‘other?’ Why travel the globe, but not make an effort to get to know your Midwest neighbor?” the author asked. “Living in Indiana, I now have an understanding of America that I did not before. I wish more people living outside the middle took the time to get to know the others living a few states away. I did, and I am a better person because of it,” she concluded.

The diversity practiced by most liberals is no such thing. True diversity is considering everyone equal and valuing the opinions of people from all walks of life. They need to remove the liberal mote from their eye and see America for what she truly is… the greatest mixture of people on the planet… all living different lives and freely. It really is a wonder. Many conservative areas of the country are far more advanced than liberal strongholds. They don’t prejudge and they believe in principles before politics. I’m thrilled that Singer has seen the light. Hopefully she’ll shed it on other liberals in California.

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