7th Grader Wears “Build A Wall” T-shirt To School – Guess What Happened Next?

7th Grader Wears “Build A Wall” T-shirt To School – Guess What Happened Next?

The education system in America is broken. You want to talk about a broken system, or burning down the system, or the system is rigged? Start at the education system and I can guarantee that you will solve the whole ‘safe space snowflake’ issue real quick.

Our children spent most of their days in a school where other people with their own agenda and ideas ‘teach’ them what to think and not how to think. For instance this middle school student showed up to class wearing a ‘build the wall’ t-shirt. It’s a shirt. It’s not calling people to violence. It’s not infringing on others people’s rights. But that didn’t stop it from being promptly compared to a swastika by his teacher.

Can you believe it? Of course. It’s a public school! Now the teacher has found herself in some pretty unfriendly territory.

According to the Tri-City Herald:

A Kennewick middle school teacher landed in hot water when she pulled aside a student wearing a “Build the Wall” shirt.

The language arts teacher at Chinook Middle School compared the shirt’s message with wearing a swastika. Now, the young teen’s mother is hoping her son’s experience shines a light on political bullying.

“It does happen,” said Michelle Fischer. “I think (politics) should be taught in our schools, but only in a two-sided positive way.”

Fischer posted her outrage over the teacher’s handling of the issue on Facebook and the story went viral.

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity shared her story to his 2.8 million followers, contributing to more than 100 comments on Fischer’s original post.


How insane is that? A solid, reasoned, political view is squashed and denigrated to the level of a racist, genocidal regime? Who is this teacher? How in her supposed adult mind did she justify calling out her middle school student like that?


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