Angry mother delivers harsh message to special snowflake protesters [VIDEO]

Angry mother delivers harsh message to special snowflake protesters [VIDEO]

What she said. Heh. Peggy Hubbard does not suffer snowflake fools very well and she bluntly lays it out in this video. All these millennials who are sooo distraught over Donald Trump winning the presidency seriously need an intervention and this could be it. She delivers a dose of real life reality to these coddled idiots. High school and college students marched out in protest by the thousands across the country when Donald Trump was elected President. They were freaking traumatized over it. Get a life already. Poor babies and their safety pin and safe spaces. What’s a buttercup to do?

I have to agree with Peggy, if one of my kids wore a safety pin or ran for a safe space at school, several things would happen in no specific order… I’d smack the heck out of them immediately. Then I would quit paying for their education. If it was a high school student, they would be grounded with chores into infinity and I would seriously consider another school or home schooling. Deal with it. Life isn’t fair… these are a bunch of spoiled brats who have no idea how hard real life can get. They should ask their parents or better yet, their grandparents for a reality adjustment.



Millennials are so distraught that Hillary didn’t win her race that they are refusing to go to class. How distraught are you because your candidate (so-called) didn’t win the race that you cannot function in life? Buttercups, cupcakes, snowflakes, millennials, ‘Wake the hell up!’ Life is not fair! You suck it up, you tuck it up, and you keep on rolling. Because your candidate did not win the race, you’re gonna lose your everliving mind and act like a bunch of pussies? Yeah I said it, you’re acting like a bunch of pussies!

Now if I was Donald Trump, what I would do as Commander In Chief, is I would say this to you, ‘If you’re disrupting our commerce, our businesses our residents, our way of life, people cannot get back and forth to work because you clown asses decide to act like a fool and act like a bunch of bitch babies. Then you know what I would do? If you’re on social security, you’re on SSI, SSD, Medicare, Medicaid, Section 8, EBT card, food stamps, anything the federal government is paying for… If you’re arrested, I would cut you off! I would make an example out of all of you.”

Peggy has a brilliant idea that Trump should cut off all entitlements and benefits to these leftist fools if they are arrested and see how they like that for a wake-up call. You violently protest, you get cut off. I say faster, faster pussycat! Hell yeah!! That’s an excellent place to start. This is a woman I could call friend. She really gets it.

You remember Peggy Hubbard, right? Well, you should. This isn’t the first time outspoken conservative grandmother Peggy Hubbard has offered her opinion on organized groups of thugs who disrupt cities, roadways and residential areas in an attempt to gain sympathy for their cause. Two years ago, she gave Ferguson rioters what for. The woman is a force to be reckoned with. Just epic.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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