Antifa Middle School Teacher Meets KARMA For Inciting Riot [VIDEO]

Antifa Middle School Teacher Meets KARMA For Inciting Riot [VIDEO]

Yvette Felarca, the controversial Berkeley middle school teacher who is a frequent marcher at protests against groups she believes to be fascistic, has finally been arrested Tuesday night, linking her to the violence that happened at a neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento in June 2016.

Police apprehended Felarca, 47, and took her into custody in Southern California on charges of assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, a felony, and participating in a riot, and inciting a riot, both misdemeanors, according to the evidence that the Sacramento District Attorneys office had on her dealings in the capitol.

Felarca was seen on video striking a member of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, a white nationalist group that had every right to be protesting, having taken out permits for a rally on the west steps of the state capitol for that day. But that wasn’t good enough for her and her radical friends.

Felarca, a member of a violent radical group calling themselves ‘By Any Means Necessary’, and other counter-protesters obstructed the rally by chasing and attacking members of the Traditional Worker’s Party. At least 10 people sustained stab wounds and lacerations in the attack on free speech. These neo-Nazis, as scummy as they are, had every right to do what they were doing. Their speech should have been protected.

Felarca and friends should have been taken down immediately.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson had Felarca on his program to dive a little deeper into what she is and what she represents. It didn’t take long before you saw that she had zero respect or adherence to the Constitution of the United States.

She had been been filmed calling the man she repeatedly attacked a Nazi and punching him in the stomach over and over while shouting for him to “get the f%$# off our streets.”

Does this describe a sane person who understands the importance of the Bill of Rights to all Americans? No. She is the furthest thing from liberty and freedom. She is exactly what she proclaims to fight against – a fascist for her beliefs and any others who think differently than her can pound sand.

These kinds of people are those who pass on their ‘control’ ideology and this is what makes America less and less, free.

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