Berkeley Mayor Calls For “Free Speech Week” Shut Down

Berkeley Mayor Calls For “Free Speech Week” Shut Down

On the one hand, leftists are trying to distance themselves from communist Antifa. On the other, they are trying to excuse their violence. They are especially scrambling to do this in regards to last weekend’s counter-protest in Berkeley, California, where five conservative demonstrators were injured and 13 attackers were arrested. I firmly believe that a videographer that was attacked there would have been beaten to death if a liberal hadn’t intervened, throwing their body on top of him. He had already been beaten pretty badly. But you don’t hear about that from the Democrats.

“It almost seems like [Trump supporters] wanted to get beat up,” said civil rights lawyer Dan Siegel, according to the East Bay Times. Unfreaking believable. This same scummy lawyer actually praised the Berkeley Police Department, who stood there and did nothing as Antifa got their violence on. I’m sure they were told to stand down, but it doesn’t matter. If someone had died, that blood would have been on their hands. Ironically, the “No to Marxism” rally was canceled for fear of violence. Which is exactly what ensued after it was nixed.

There were approximately 400 police on the scene. There were over 100 Antifa thugs there. Police would later claim that their actions, or lack thereof, were necessary to prevent greater violence in a confrontation with Antifa. Bull feces. Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said there was “no need for a confrontation over a grass patch.” Or evidently, over several conservatives being beaten. They’re only Republican Trump supporters after all. They didn’t try to protect those being beaten by Antifa at all. Next time, someone may get killed if it goes on like this.

Now, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is calling on the University of California Berkeley to cancel “Free Speech Week.” Yeah, because we can’t have freedom of speech… it might upset domestic terrorists and communists. What a supreme douchebag. The event is planned for late September and I would just bet that Berkeley will indeed cancel it. A conservative campus group called Berkeley Patriot has been inviting controversial speakers, including former Breitbart News tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, to speak. You can bet Milo will probably show up one way or another.

Of course, Arreguin is blaming conservative speakers for provoking Antifa violence. Dude… their very existence provokes these thugs. “I’m very concerned about Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter and some of these other right-wing speakers coming to the Berkeley campus, because it’s just a target for black bloc to come out and commit mayhem on the Berkeley campus and have that potentially spill out on the street,” sayeth the communist mayor.

Ben Shapiro is also supposed to be there speaking on September 14th. They forced him to pay a $15,000 security fee to speak. That’s outrageous. He anticipates Antifa will come to his event and Shapiro has asked that people not come to his event “ready to do violence in defense of my free speech.” He added that protecting free speech was the job of campus police exclusively, since the Young America’s Foundation had already paid the almost $16,000 security fee, which he called unfair. Damn straight that’s unfair. It’s freaking extortion. In response to the violence last weekend, Ben had this to say: “If the police refuse to do their jobs, or if they are told not to do their jobs by governmental or administrative figures, Congress should move immediately to cut off funding for the campus and any police agencies who do not tamp down violence,” Shapiro wrote. I could not agree more.

My, how Berkeley has flipped. The Free Speech Movement started there in 1964. Students fought for the right to express their political views on campus. But now that conservatives want the same freedom, they are being shut down.

Arreguin defended the police for allowing Antifa to jump the barricades Sunday, saying “the actions taken by the police were necessary to deescalate and prevent further violence from taking place.” What utter horse pucky. And I don’t care if most of the protesters on the left were ‘peaceful’. They stood by and let the violence proceed, which makes them complicit. Journalist Al Letson, who risked his own safety to save a man from a beating by 20 Antifa activists, defended them: “I think, in retrospect, they may not have wanted to injure him, but at the time, everything just happened so quickly.” You can’t excuse blood lust and there is simply no excuse for silencing free speech in America.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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