CEO pens EPIC open letter to College Crybabies and liberals are in tears

CEO pens EPIC open letter to College Crybabies and liberals are in tears

Somebody better call the wahmbulance… liberals will need it after this letter. Ouch. A CEO penned a letter to college crybabies that spells it out. Take for instance his references to safe spaces and wussification – in the definition of that word, he adds: “RELATED: College students need educators, not babysitters.” Too true. He nails their whining and entitlement mentality to the wall in this letter. I give you pure gold: “I come with a very simple message. When you cast off that safety blanket and enter into the real world, this thing called life is going to slap you faster than you can say, “Do you want fries with that?”” Boom! And it will. For all those who have a panic attack over ‘Trump 2016’ scrawled in chalk on the sidewalk… this letter is for you.


From the NewBostonPost:

Dear College Students,

I remember the stress of college. The anxiety of papers due. The uncertainty of relationships. The concerns about what I was going to do after graduation.

I get it. It’s tough.

I also remember professors who challenged our perceived notions of “right” and “wrong.” I recall being exposed to movies, books and papers that I massively disagreed with. Looking back, I can visualize the heated debates between people with different perspectives. I can almost hear the yelling, the screaming, the passion and the CHALLENGES.

You’re studying and learning during the Industrial Revolution of our generation. It’s exciting. It’s encouraging. It’s liberating. And yet somehow, it’s also leading to your wussification.

Before you get all offended and run to your “safe place,” understand that I pulled that word right out of one of your trusted resources of knowledge –

The CEO goes on to enumerate some lessons these crybabies need to learn and fast. Starting with that the business world doesn’t give a damn about you. Period. And the only safe place is your home and that’s even debatable. There is no such thing as “free” and you are only a victim if you choose to be one. The last lesson is that success is hard work. All of these things I learned by myself growing up and no one had to explain them to me. It is pathetic that these college morons don’t get this. Kyle S. Reyes closes his epic letter with a slam dunk: “So, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the remainder of your time being gentle little snowflakes. Revel in the time you have at the world’s most expensive daycares across the country. Because soon, you’ll be in OUR world. And it’s about to get real.” And no one will coddle you or put you in a safe space. That’s called real life, so get over yourselves and grow up.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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