College professor unfairly compares her student to her rapist

College professor unfairly compares her student to her rapist

A college professor has anonymously written an article for Inside Higher Ed covering the fact that she failed a white male student’s paper because he spoke just like her rapist. First off, this woman’s a coward for not putting her name to her writing. Second, if someone finds out who she is, she should immediately be removed as a professor because she is mentally unbalanced. The woman is a feminist professor that teaches about rape culture in gender studies. Why anyone in their right mind would take that crap in the first place is beyond me. But she claims she was triggered by this boy’s paper because he sounded so much like her rapist.

This so-called professor is obsessed with her rapist. She can’t get past it and she is relating her students to what was done to her. That’s not fair or sane, for that matter. She has trouble distinguishing between this student and her rapist simply because he is a white male who questions gender inequality. Hell, so do I. And I also agree with her student that there is no such thing as a rape culture. Only in the fevered dreams of desperate feminists.

From HeatStreet:

A feminist professor said she was so triggered by a male student’s paper that “I began to have trouble distinguishing him from the man that [raped me].”

Writing anonymously in Inside Higher Ed, the professor described a lesson on rape culture she included in her gender class, saying she was frustrated with male students skeptical that it exists.

But one male student’s paper left her “thrown back into a pit of traumatic, fragmented memories,” she wrote.

The student cited a men’s rights advocacy group, referenced a case where a woman raped a man, questioned whether feminism was relevant, and said that concerns about gender inequality were overblown.

The professor thought the paper was not well sourced, and that the argument wasn’t sufficiently supported. But that wasn’t all.

“As I went over his paper,” she wrote, “I realized that I was reading a paper that sounded word for word like something the man who raped me would say. And not only did this sound like something my rapist would say, this student fit the same demographic profile as him: white, college male, between the ages of 18 and 22.”

She said she was so upset that she could no longer grade papers or read.

It sounds to me as though this woman is broken… she feels threatened by men period and especially by those who don’t agree with her feminism. “Although I knew it was unlikely that this student would literally try to rape me, his words felt so familiar that I began having trouble distinguishing him from the man that did. Their words were so frighteningly similar that the rational-instructor side of my brain could not overpower the trauma-survivor side,” the professor wrote. The boy was surely not interested in raping his professor… that is a fantasy of hers that she is putting on him. And because she’s screwed up in the head, she fails his paper. I hope he takes that to the dean.

The professor recounted screaming “Zero! You get a f*cking zero!” at the computer screen as she graded the student’s two-page paper, saying that she also felt that simply by writing the paper, he had undermined her authority as an instructor. Really? What bull crap. “I imagined him sitting on the other side of his computer screen laughing at my pain, joking about my distress,” she wrote. “I imagined him being friends with my rapist (though the man who raped me is now significantly older than this student, he is frozen in the 18-22 age bracket in my mind).” As I stated before… totally unhinged.

This should be a lesson to students. If you get into a class and it feels off or you think the professor is wacky somehow, get out of that class and transfer to another. With the political correctness climate in colleges today, just navigating the curriculum at these universities itself is a daunting task. But you can prevent at least some of it by just saying no yourselves to certain professors. Rape not included.

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