When Dad FIGHTS BACK against daughter’s ridiculous ANTI-TRUMP Homework, Teacher DEFENDS…

When Dad FIGHTS BACK against daughter’s ridiculous ANTI-TRUMP Homework, Teacher DEFENDS…

Wow. If this happened to my child, they would no longer go to that school. In New York – Staten Island to be exact – an 11 year-old girl was given vocabulary homework. That’s normal, but what several of the questions asked was not. They were fill in the blank and were insulting to President Trump. Followed up by a craven flattering question for Barack Obama. When the child asked her father for help and he saw the content of the homework, he was furious. I don’t blame him. He told his daughter not to fill out the questions and wrote a note to the teacher: “Please keep your political views to yourself and do not try to influence my children on them.”

In response, the teacher marked the child’s answers wrong and said she had the right of free speech to word her questions as she liked. “Firstly, I do not believe I was expressing a political view at all on my vocabulary sheet. My reference to President Trump was about his personality traits rather than his ability as a president,” the teacher wrote. “The media is nonstop on very similar references. This is considered freedom of speech and I feel I have the same right as they do.” She’s using the media as an example and as an excuse. She’s a leftist activist and has no business teaching these children.


From Young Conservatives:

An 11-year-old girl in Staten Island, New York got quite a surprise she checked out her vocabulary homework.

When she told her dad, he was not a happy camper.

From NY Post:

Annadale dad Vincent Ungro was furious when his 11-year-old daughter, who attends IS 75, asked him to help her with her vocabulary homework last Friday night.

She was having a hard time filling in the blanks from a word bank for question No. 8.

“President Trump speaks in a very superior and _________ manner insulting many people. He needs to be more __________ so that the American people respect and admire him.”

The question after that read: “Barack Obama set a _________ when he became the first African American president.”

The words that the daughter was supposed to file in? Haughty, humble and precedent.

The dad was outraged that his daughter would be forced to answer these political questions, so he told her not to fill those in, and he complained to the teacher on the homework.

The father complained to the school and the teacher was written up. But since she has tenure and is protected by the teacher’s union, she will keep on teaching her bias to those children. DOE spokesman Michael Aciman said: “The DOE encourages respectful conversations about civics that help students become more thoughtful and engaged citizens, but staff are directed to maintain neutrality when discussing political issues in school.” And that is exactly what this teacher didn’t do. It should be grounds for immediate dismissal.

“This woman is forcing my child to put words on a piece of paper describing our president in a disparaging manner,” Ungro told The Post Thursday. “Her political opinion should be left at home.” He’s far too gracious to the woman. This hack makes $102,000 a year, if you can believe it. That’s just ludicrous. The teacher would not respond when asked about her actions. One parent was furious over the politics in the classroom. “If you’re teaching the kids vocabulary then stick to that. You shouldn’t be expressing your opinion about the president during class,” said Maria, whose two daughters go to the school. Exactly right – and political activism in the classroom should simply not be tolerated.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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