FIGHT! Tucker Carlson Takes On Ivy League Snowflake In ‘Safe-Space’ Debate! [VIDEO]

FIGHT! Tucker Carlson Takes On Ivy League Snowflake In ‘Safe-Space’ Debate! [VIDEO]

Columbia University has now decided to reserve two rooms specifically for use by minority groups on campus.

Yeah. Can you say Woodrow Wilson?

Students who are not identified as either one of these groups can only use these spaces when involved in events held by the groups who can use the rooms, leaving many proponents of true diversity and equality calling for Columbia to change its SEGREGATION policy!

Can you smell what the racist progressives are cooking up?

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Sean Ryan is the co-chair for the Student Affairs Committee at Columbia University and he had the opportunity to join Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Friday in an interview to defend the school’s policy and as you may have guessed, it didn’t go well for the illogical student.

If you noticed, Carlson had asked his guest – who would not give up on the claim that there was nothing racist or biased about the policy he was supporting – whether a group of white students would have permission to use the rooms.

To that simple question, Ryan responded, “They could use the room to come together for programming with students from those backgrounds, so that we could share experiences.”

…How’s the Kool-Aid tasting over at your racist campus, Ryan?

Ryan finally professed that the reason that these two rooms will exist, is due to his ‘belief’ that individuals might ‘feel more comfortable and supported’ when they are only surrounded by people just like themselves. Carlson quickly pointed out that Ryan’s view was a “radical” one, particularly when only some groups get rewarded, since segregationists who wanted a separation of African-Americans and whites have always been making a very similar argument.

Here’s what another unidentified student on campus had to say:

“There are many spaces on campus, especially those that are dominated by straight males, that leave me tense. An LGBTQ+ Center would offer me yet another space where I could feel like I am safe to simply exist and be me.”

Come on in China, Russia…we are ripe for the taking over…

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