Fake Flyers Circulate Campus Portraying Conservative Student Group As Anti-Muslim

Fake Flyers Circulate Campus Portraying Conservative Student Group As Anti-Muslim

Falsified flyers made the rounds at George Washington University claiming that the chapter of the Young America’s Foundation hates Muslims. It’s akin to another fake hate crime and is meant to make conservatives look hateful and mean. Of course, the Young America’s Foundation did not circulate the flyers and they don’t hate Muslims. According to The College Fix, the GWU chapter said it learned Friday of the “Islamophobic poster” that carried its name, headlined “Hate Muslims? So do we!!!” and that it promoted an “Islamo-fascism awareness week” next month.

The Young America’s Foundation had this to say about the incident: “GW YAF is not affiliated with these posters in any way, shape, or form, and we are disgruntled by their contents. Targeting a religion and attempting to defame another organization in doing so is childish, revolting, and distasteful. GW YAF has been targeted with repeated acts of harassment, vandalism, and indecency for years, simply for being conservative. We are calling on GW to fully investigate these posters, and finally take a stand for conservative students who are continually the targets of acts of harassment, vandalism, and defamation from liberal students.”

According to Spencer Brown, who is the spokesperson for YAF, this same chapter was targeted with fake flyers ten years ago. So, this is nothing new. But it is ongoing and offensive. For George Washington University’s part, they also issued a statement over the weekend that said the “offensive fliers were immediately removed” Friday and its campus police are investigating: “The university does not tolerate actions that make any member of the GW community feel unsafe. We expect that all our students, no matter what opinions they hold, will conduct themselves in the spirit of mutual respect that has long been a hallmark of this university.” Well, at least that’s something.

On 9/11, the GWU YAF chapter “spent Monday morning putting up thousands of flags in remembrance of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.” They do this every year and I think it is wonderful. But every year, they are harassed for it. Shannon Bell, the president of GW’s chapter, said these anti-Islamic fliers are a case of reverse hate speech. “When we first saw this, we were shocked and disgusted because this is not what we stand for, and we are really disappointed to see that someone would try to attack us,” said Bell.

Posted by GW YAF on Sunday, September 10, 2017

It’s been obvious for some time that the university there has a double standard. If a liberal is attacked, they are swift to respond. Not so if a conservative is attacked. The response is slow in coming if it happens at all. The university is saying they are taking this very seriously. Personally, I’ll believe it when I see it.

The university encourages demonstrations and even has a how-to guide for them. And while it is true everyone has a First Amendment right to free speech and to civilly protest, that means everyone. Including conservatives. They should be afforded the same rights and protections as liberals. And those who put out the fake fliers should be severely reprimanded for it. But I won’t hold my breath waiting.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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