IT’S GONE TOO FAR! ‘Crucifixion’ Talk In Theology Class Now Comes With ‘Trigger Warnings’

IT’S GONE TOO FAR! ‘Crucifixion’ Talk In Theology Class Now Comes With ‘Trigger Warnings’

This is beyond insane. I don’t see how students learn anything anymore… they are shielded and protected from anything and everything that even remotely might be upsetting. Now, theology students are receiving trigger warnings because they have to study the crucifixion of Jesus. Hint… that’s the whole reason you are studying theology. There is no study of the Bible and Christianity without the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And I would strongly suggest you get used to the sight of it as it is a favored method of execution by Islamists.

It stuns me that anyone studying theology would be traumatized by this. If they are, they are in the wrong field of study and I don’t see how they could possibly be a Christian. It’s not just this that is getting a trigger warning at these schools, it’s a whole range of nuttiness. These students are being taught to fear the very thing they study. Which will cause them to turn away from it and not embrace it as their life’s work. It is destructive and deeply stupid.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

Just how coddled are our youth?

With “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” everywhere, it seems anyone under 30 is instantly shell-shocked at the very sight, mention or thought of anything mildly distressing.

Well, it’s much worse than you thought.

Here is the reality:

Veterinary students are warned they will be working with dead mice.

Forensic science students are told they will be studying blood.

Archaeology students are told they might see a skeleton or two.

And most amazing: Theology students are given a “trigger warning” that they might be studying the crucifixion of Jesus.

This isn’t just confined to the United States – it’s the entire Western World. The Telegraph reports that at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland, they’re warning their theology students about a class called: Creation to Apocalypse: Introduction to the Bible.

They’re telling them that the class contains “graphic scenes of the crucifixion” and that when the images come up, students will be warned before hand.

All these safe spaces and trigger warnings are turning our children and grandchildren into coddled individuals; incapable of surviving or even of confronting the most meager of distressful subjects. You can’t get through life like that, much less succeed at it. The world can be a very unkind and unforgiving place and it does not bode well for those who cannot adapt to life and confront evil.

This is a form of mental sickness that is being actively spread across the planet. It’s intended to make young adults totally dependent on government. If students are allowed to turn away from illness, no one will become a doctor. Much like a theology student who can’t confront the crucifixion will never go into the church. That premise applies to almost every form of study out there.

A religious studies professor from James Madison University wrote in the liberal Atlantic that these leftist tactics will only silence and marginalize student voices – students who might be conservative, or religious or just not liberal. That is exactly what it will do… and eventually, the only permitted religion will come from approved government sources if this is allowed to play out.

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