Harvard Professors Block Traffic In Protest Against Trump – At Least 20 Arrested [VIDEO]

Harvard Professors Block Traffic In Protest Against Trump – At Least 20 Arrested [VIDEO]

This week, several Harvard professors have been arrested by the man for protesting the man’s rollback of DACA. So far, at least twenty professors have been arrested. No word yet from their students who are paying for their professors to actually show up to class to teach.

Tiffany Ten, whose Twitter bio describes her “love for cats, queers, working class culture, unions, iced coffee, body posi, dark comedy” posts a full tweet explaining what they planned on doing:

And act of non-violent civil disobedience by college and university faculty to protest the Trump administration’s suspension of DACA and to urge Congress to protect DACA recipients with permanent legislation. Educators will highlight the negative effects of the DACA repeal on their classroom and community environments. After a brief speaker program, faculty members will peacefully block Massachusetts Avenue just outside the Harvard gates. They will exit the gates and form a human chain linking Harvard’s gates to the statue of abolitionist Charles Sumner, who in the 1850s forcefully denounced the Fugitive Slave Act, another fundamental injustice cloaked in the mantle of “law.” They will then sit down in the street and remain seated until they are removed by Cambridge police.

Their press contact is Kirsten Weld, Professor of Modern Latin American history. You can see her in the featured picture of this article getting arrested like the bad, politically active and dangerous woman that she is!

Prof. Weld has told the Harvard Crimson student newspaper that despite Trump assuring DACA recipients that they have nothing to worry about, that she’s worried because “it’s not business as usual because the Trump administration is targeting our students.”

Yes, Trump will personally be roving Harvard with a burlap sack to capture her students and send them back to Mexico, or something.

Tiffany goes on to tweet out photos and videos of the occasion:

Harvard seems to be spending less time on reading, writing and ‘rithmatic lately and more time on being a bunch of well-funded snowflakes that gets into the news more for being perpetually offended instead of producing new, reasonable ideas.

Last spring, Harvard released a research guide on “fake news” that included websites they believe fell under the banner of “Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda.” Those sites included the Drudge Report, the Independent Journal Review and the Daily Caller, A.K.A. websites I enjoy. Sites such as Vox, Slate and Buzzfeed escaped the list, so you know those are totally super credible and not at all political.

Whoever is betting on colleges and universities going almost completely online in the next ten years as endowments dry up, should probably chuck a few extra bucks on their ticket.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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