Lesbian Teacher BANS All Crucifix Necklaces From Her Classroom…Now She’s In Trouble!

Lesbian Teacher BANS All Crucifix Necklaces From Her Classroom…Now She’s In Trouble!

A high school teacher in Tampa, Florida has come straight out and forbidden many of her Christian students from wearing any cross necklaces in her classroom…a very bold move on her part.

And a very stupid one, because her own school district is now investigating the claim. It was the Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit organization who’s particular focus involves cases having to deal with constitutional law, that was fast to react to the obvious infringement of personal rights.

The Liberty Counsel sent out a letter on Thursday to Hillsborough County Public Schools, inquiring about math teacher Lora Jane Riedas and her alleged demand that at least three of her students remove their crucifix necklace, a Christian emblem, from her classroom because she claimed that it delineated gang activity.

“We write on behalf of parents of children in the classroom of teacher Lora Jane Riedas, a math teacher at Riverview High School, who report that Ms. Riedas has prohibited at least three children from wearing Christian cross necklaces in her classroom, claiming on occasion that they are ‘gang symbols,’ They are not gang symbols, but are symbols of personal faith.”

According to the letter, a Christian student had the following interaction with Riedas:

“[Riedas said] ‘I need you to take your necklace off.’ Our client asked ‘Why?’ and Ms. Riedas refused to explain, stating ‘That’s disrespectful; you have to take it off.’ Our client did not want to be disrespectful, so she took it off, but she felt bad because she felt she was being forced to deny her faith. All of our clients are afraid to openly wear their cross necklaces in class any more.”

Liberty Counsel also declared that Riedas found it acceptable to promote LGBT activism on her social media pages…during classroom time.

With just the ethical reasons being detailed by the letter, the Liberty Counsel came to the conclusion that their organization would take legal action against the school district if they didn’t at once stop their employee from banning religious symbols, while at the same time promoting LGBT activism right in the middle of class.

The radicalism of this teacher can be summed up in her one tweet on Easter:

In John Hawkins’ new book ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in chapter 16, “Be nice until it’s time to not be nice”. This is exactly the time not to be nice. When a teacher is taking control of out kid’s rights as Americans, it’s time to punch back hard!

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