Liberal enabled college offers “Stop White People” class, but claims it’s not racist

Liberal enabled college offers “Stop White People” class, but claims it’s not racist

It’s okay… SUNY is claiming the title was chosen because of ‘irony’ y’all. SMH. SUNY Binghamton is giving a course on how to Stop White People and claiming it’s not racist. I wish I were kidding. This is furthering the racism of radical black nationalists who are being egged on by communists. Idiots.

They are claiming it is not anti-white. Uh yeah… it is. Student Affairs Vice President Brian Rose says it was meant to engender discussion on diversity. Give me a freaking break. If they held a course that was called Stop Black People, the screaming would never end and heads would roll. But they see nothing wrong with holding this course. What a bunch of enlightened hypocrites.


From FrontPage Mag:

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Black nationalists and their liberal enablers are really doing a fantastic job of bringing back publicly funded racism.

SUNY Binghamton has become a leader in social justice warrior education. The state university has announced that they’ll be offering a “Stop White People” course.

The “Stop White People” class will help teach students how to deal with uneducated people on the subject of race. The course, “StopWhitePeople2k16,” works to “help others take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within.” according to The Binghamton Review.

After a lot of heat over this, the university apologized – sort of. They said the course title taken out of context was alarming and offensive and for that they were sorry. They claim they based it on a Twitter hashtag as if that makes it all better. Not. Actually, they were apologizing for everyone being too stupid to get what they really meant. Duh.

“The facilitators of the program have been personally targeted with threatening, racist, and highly vitriolic messages. That is reprehensible and condemnable,” said Rose. No sympathy here. You jerks brought that on yourself for being racist and pandering in the first place.

Note to parents… mark this university off of your choices for your children. Marxist racist radicals be here.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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