Liberal Professor Says, Texans ‘Deserve’ Harvey Because They Voted For Trump

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | August 29, 2017 5:31 pm

Professor Kenneth L. Storey[1] at the University of Tampa sent out a tweet on Sunday afternoon that would create his own personal hell-storm. In it he suggested that Texan residents deserved the death, destruction and suffering in the wake of Hurricane Harvey because the majority of them voted for Donald Trump. Later he clarified that he meant GOP voters. He said he hoped Texans would realize that Republicans don’t care about them. He later deleted the tweet and apologized. Not good enough… he was just fired.

Storey also deleted all but four of his 72,700 tweets. He took his photo off there as well. It figures this guy is a sociology professor. He’s actually a visiting assistant professor. Storey has a Master’s degree from the University of Central Florida and he teaches an introductory course in sociology. His research involves “urban issues within the southeastern United States, including research in gun shows, planned communities and unique issues of tourism focused commercial districts.” He’s a liberal with a hatred of guns, Trump and America… go figure.


From The Daily Caller[3]:

A sociology professor at the University of Tampa published a tweet on Sunday afternoon suggesting that Texas residents deserve the death, destruction and suffering caused by Hurricane Harvey because a majority of Texas voters supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

The professor is Kenneth L. Storey, reports Campus Reform[4].

The tweets caused the University of Tampa to fired Storey Tuesday.

“I don’t believe in instant Karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas. Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesn’t care about them,” Storey wrote in one tweet.

When another Twitter user responded that Texas is home to “good people” and that Storey “may want to rethink” the tweet, Storey doubled down.

“Well, the good people there need to do more to stop the evil their state pushes. I’m only blaming those who support the GOP there,” Storey wrote.

The professor also declared that Florida residents who voted for Trump “deserve” the suffering visited upon Texas by Hurricane Harvey this weekend.

Storey has since deleted the Hurricane Harvey-related tweets and apologized.

At least 15 are now dead due to Hurricane Harvey. Over 30,000 are homeless and it will take Houston years to recover. I can’t even imagine the death toll as the waters recede. And this entitled asshat has the nerve to politicize the tragedy. What a jackass. As of this morning 49 inches of rain had fallen breaking all records and they expect 12 to 18 more inches to fall. His insensitive comments are even worse when you consider a family of six… two great grandparents and their four great grandchildren were just swept away in a van and killed. A police office drowned in his patrol car this morning as well.

I’m glad they fired this idiot, although the university says they ‘removed’ him and didn’t fire him. What’s the diff? He has no empathy and is just rotten inside. The outrage that Storey invoked over his hatred was huge and swift. And the university was disgusted with him as well. Good move on their part. “We condemn the comments and the sentiment behind them, and understand the pain this irresponsible act has caused,” university spokesman Eric Cardenas said in a statement Tuesday morning, after the school weathered an outpouring of online outrage. “As Floridians, we are well aware of the destruction and suffering associated with tropical weather.”

Storey is evidently in hiding currently. You don’t wish this kind of devastation and catastrophe on anyone that way and then think a fake apology will make it right. Good riddance.



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