Liberal students DEMAND transgender lesbian Native American president in a wheelchair

Liberal students DEMAND transgender lesbian Native American president in a wheelchair

I think I may hurl over this. Just so sickeningly stupid. College snowflakes at Barnard College are just full of ideas for replacements after their president resigned. All of them are whacked. But they are clear on one thing… they don’t want another white president… like ever. So, what do they have in mind for the next president-to-be? Their wish list includes a transgender lesbian Native American… they haven’t thrown in the wheelchair part yet, but let’s be inclusive, shall we? They want the most disturbed, freakish person they can find… not the most qualified. And they are racist about it. Do you know that tuition there is over $46k a year? Hardly worth it I’d say.

This is sheer identity politics squared. Thankfully, I doubt the students have any say in this… they have a board of trustees for that. I’m sick to death of this white hating, confused transgender/gender fluidity crap, aren’t you? Don’t these students have something better to do, like I don’t know… study? Daniel Greenfield put it best, “So somewhere a Native American gas station attendant who wants to be a woman will qualify as Barnard’s new president.” Exactly… and that is just about what they deserve.


From The College Fix:

Following the announced resignation of Barnard College’s president, many students at the women’s college are hoping that her successor brings more intersectionality to the job.


“Can we write a letter and get like all of the students to sign it… no more white presidents [please],” student Talia Kay wrote on the page. “It’d be great if [we seniors] ushered in our last year by advocating for the administration to hire a woman of color to fill the position.”

Student Josh Zoeller of Columbia University, which is affiliated with Barnard, then chimed in: “hire a Native American woman.”

Upon hearing Spar’s pending resignation, Barnard student Krish JB wrote: “We gone finally have that WoC [woman of color] now?”

Krish, who identifies as “he/they,” then suggested they should ask for “maybe even a TWoC,” meaning a nonwhite transgender man such as actor Laverne Cox.

No wonder Debora Spar can’t wait to get out of there next March. She will become the president of the Lincoln Center. Students started celebrating immediately on message boards, trashing Spar at every opportunity. I guess she just wasn’t PC enough for the likes of these poor privileged snowflakes. Hopefully, this college will not listen to these mush brains and hire someone like this, but in today’s political climate, who the heck knows? Barnard transitioned to an admissions policy that welcomes transgender applicants who “consistently live and identify” as women. Barnard was late to the change compared to other women’s colleges. Why they hell did they bother? Seriously?

I have become convinced of late that college anymore is a huge waste of time, money and effort. Your children will do better and be more sane if they stay out of these Marxist hell holes. Unless of course you like spending your hard earned money on indoctrination like this. These snowflakes are not only sick and twisted, they are bullies… embrace their extreme point of view or out you go. I thought college was supposed to be a place of learning… partaking of wisdom. Not someplace that brainwashes you or your children with Marxism and turns them into politically correct deviants. My bad.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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